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I hate my acne!

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I am a new member and I have joined mainly because I feel so lonely and isolated with this problem. I have come here for some reasurance, and I dont know what to do!

I am 22years old and until last year I had lovely skin. Then I was off work with aniexty and stress and that is when my acne started. When I was taking tablets for my illness I came off the pill and that too made my skin worse.

Now over a year on I have tired topical lotions, Oxytetracycline, Flulidcline anti-biotic cream, NLite treatment (I have had two treatments, got my last one on Saturday) and I am also on Dianette now. The Nlite does work a little bit but after 2 weeks it comes back again. It really is getting me down at the moment as I have red marks from where some spots used to be and some scars too.

All I can think about is the fact that I am no longer a attractive young women, and I have even ended my temp job early due to lack of self esteem. Please can you give me advice as to what has worked for you and should I go back to the doctors. I only seem to get it along my jaw line and chin area.

Thanks - sorry to moan but on one else understands!

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jawline and chin area..that sounds like hormonal acne.

that's what i have and I know it's hormonal. I break out horribly during ovulation and they take weeks to go away..so i always have acne on my chin.

anyway..look into borage oil (not gel caps but the oil), honeybush tea, alpha hydrox 12% souffle. All of these things have helped me a great deal. My skin is 90% better than it was 2 months ago.

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I also got acne around the same age - also do to stress and anxiet. What worked for me was B5 (in my signature I have all my "past failures") - that plus some salicylic acid has greatly improved my complexion

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