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Accutane has caused me no depression

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Ive been taking 20mg of accutane twice a day for one month and nine days. It started to work in aboyt a day.

First my face starting producing no zit breeding oils at all. I was amazed.

Next white head pimples that were reluctant to go away just strted to dry up and go away.

Ive gone from getting two or more new pimples or zits a day to having two new ones since I started it.

Ive had no depression from it at all.

Accutane is the acne cure. But like I said you will deal with severely chaped lips but any pimples you had by or around your lips will vanish. My bottom lip was so dry that it cracked open a bit and started to bleed.

No biggy. Your face may get a little dry but just use the daily regiment guidlines about washing your face. You barely have to even wash your face on accutane. Your face will always look good.

Accutane Is The Best Acne Drug Ever

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well.....id say i had between mild to severe

when i was in highschool it was severe....i took minocycline and i helped.

But ive always had acne problems.

But this isotretinoin is seriously a meracle drug.

I take just like how I took minocyline. (1 in the morning with milk and 1 at night with milk)

I mean honestly its the only thing that really eliminates acne problems and atleast stops you from breaking out.

The reason for my post was that why do they say it causes depression. Im way less depression.

I felt more depressed when i took minocycline and used retin a.........

Retin a is aweful stuff. And dermitologists always push it.

Im beginning to think that anything good in the medical system gets downed or something.

I wish my old crappy dermitologist just prescribed me Isotretinion when I was in highschool.

Its work wonders. I feel much better about myself.

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I agree the Accutane doesn't cause depression...I was depressed before Accutane...so Accutaned pretty much cured my depression :D

Depression is a proven symptom.

I don’t understand why people who've taken Accutane and never experienced depression during their course seem to convince themselves that people who do experience it are just cry babies that wine all the time.

I'm not experiencing a dry face, do you see me going around and posting "cry babies only experience dry face", yeah right, I didn't think so.

Just because Depression has such a low chance of occurring during the course doesn’t result in it being eliminated as a symptom.

Anyways, sorry if this comes across harsh DMBsDreamGrl but I just felt like letting that out even though you're not the regular poster who says "Depression is a made up symptom from whiny teenagers [in particular]".

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I don't think people who have depression are cry babies, I just think in some cases those that have depression while on Accutane had it before they went on it and their acne is probably pretty bad and messes with their mental state. I know before I went on Accutane the cystic acne was unbearable and I didn't think there was much hope for me anymore, then I went on Accutane and the cysts went away and it just lifted my spirits, so I really don't have a reason to be depressed anymore, that's why I said in my other post that it cured my depression... but I don't really believe Accutane actually causes someone who was perfectly happy before to all of a sudden be depressed..I'm sure there's underlying factors to begin with.

It's ok you're open about your opinions..but others have different views also :)

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oh cool look what I found..

Accutane may counter, not cause, depressive symptoms

St. Louis  A recent study shows that isotretinoin has the potential to improve depressed mood among adolescent users much more often than to cause it, as the package insert warns.

According to a study conducted by a team of doctors at St. Louis University Health Sciences Center and later published in the May issue of Archives of Dermatology, the use of isotretinoin, particularly Accutane (Hoffman La-Roche), in the treatment of moderate to severe acne in adolescents was not associated with an increase in depressive symptoms.

"On the contrary," write the study's authors, "our study shows that treatment of acne improves depressive symptoms."

FDA labeling decision

Accutane is a synthetic molecule derived from vitamin A, which is involved in growth and maintenance of skin. The drug prevents pimples by correcting abnormal follicular keratinization and shrinking the enlarged sebaceous glands that contribute to the primary pathogenesis of acne. Accutane has proved to be a highly effective drug in the treatment of severe acne, but data has emerged in recent years that suggest the drug may cause severe depression and even suicide in some patients.

In 1986, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated a change in the package insert to include the risk of depression. In 2000, the FDA mandated that this risk be placed on the package label with the words "Accutane may cause depression, psychosis and, rarely, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, suicide and aggressive behavior."

Not convinced

Elaine Siegfried, M.D., associate clinical professor of pediatrics and dermatology, St. Louis University, and private practitioner at Kids Dermatology in St. Louis, is the study's corresponding author. Prior to initiating the study, Dr. Siegfried says she wasn't convinced that Accutane caused symptoms of depression, let alone suicidal ideation.

"I think it's important to note that suicide, sadly, is the No. 2 (and) 3 cause of death among teenagers in this country," she says. "I've treated hundreds of teenage patients with Accutane, and have had no patients with suicidal ideation or attempts and, thankfully, none who have committed suicide. Accutane is a drug that gets negative press because it can cause birth defects, so it already had a strike against it in terms of public perception. When statistics and case reports were released linking the drug to depression and even suicide in some teenage patients, we wondered whether there wasn't an overreaction  whether the depression issue could be colored by the angst over side effects that can lead to birth defects.

"To quote a fellow dermatologist, Dr. Richard Fried, 'Scientific data pales in comparison to well-orchestrated media sensationalism.'"

New research study

Dr. Siegfried and her colleagues at St. Louis University decided to conduct their own study among their moderate-to-severe acne patients. The study began in 1997 and was completed in 2002.

"Our study was not funded or supported in any way by any pharmaceutical company," Dr. Siegfried says. "In fact, we got no funding from any source. The lack of a budget was the reason for the study's shortcomings: the relatively small size and lack of randomization. It was a study designed to include patients we saw in our practice over a five-year period."

Study objective

The objective of the study was to determine whether patients with moderate to severe acne who were treated with Accutane showed an increase in depressive symptoms compared with a control group of similar patients treated with conservative therapy.

The researchers assessed 132 patients aged 12 to 19 for depression, using a simple, 20-question psychiatric instrument that had been validated in adolescents: the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D). Scores of 17 and above were suggestive of depression. Of the 132 patients, 59 were treated with Accutane; the rest were treated with topical antibiotics, topical retinoids and oral antibiotics. Depression was assessed at baseline and reassessed about four months post-treatment.

Study results

The study showed that at baseline, 14.3 percent of the Accutane group had CES-D scores of 17 or higher, while 19.2 percent in the conservative-therapy group scored 17 or higher. At follow-up, 8.2 percent of the Accutane patients scored 17 or higher, while 15.4 percent in the conservative-therapy group scored 17 or more.

"What we saw in our study is the opposite of what spontaneous reporting and uncontrolled case reports have suggested, and which led to the FDA mandating warnings on the Accutane packaging," Dr. Siegfried says. "Our study suggests that far from causing depression, Accutane may have helped improve the mood of our patients as their acne cleared."

Study limitations

Dr. Siegfried emphasizes that her study was small and not randomized, and that larger, randomized studies would be required to address any doubts about a rare risk of depression, suicide or impulsivity associated with Accutane therapy.

"We asked the question because we thought the mandated warnings regarding serious depressive side effects that could lead to suicidal thoughts and action might have been overstated," she says. "Isotretinoin is now available in a generic formulation, so there is very little incentive for doing a larger study. Whether the FDA will take any further steps remains to be seen. The FDA's workings are often mysterious to me, and I seriously doubt that our findings will affect the package insert warnings regarding the risks of depressive side effects of Accutane."

Source: http://www.dermatologytimes.com/dermatolog...l.jsp?id=188755

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oh cool look what I found..

Accutane may counter, not cause, depressive symptoms

St. Louis — A recent study shows that isotretinoin has the potential to improve depressed mood among adolescent users much more often than to cause it, as the package insert warns.

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All I have to say is, any ideas for a good chapstick? well, one more thing, I'm not all that concerned about depression because I don't think I can get any more depressed than acne has made me! It's thrilling to hear about your good results! :clap:

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Ok...................................To Sharon 25.............

From what I can see so far its been close to two months for me(20mg morning and night). Your lips are gonna get about as chapped as the have ever been in your life. Thats a given side effect for me thus far.

Ive been putting a nice thick layer of Chapstick or Blistex on my chapped lips before I go to bed. Some areas of your face may get dry, but nowhere near as dry as your lips. If your face gets dry its very controlable anyway. I use a little baby lotion for that. A very small amout.(A dab the size of a pea).

To DreamGirl..............................................................................................................................

I took name brand accutane(Roche) for the first month. Then I just said well..........Generic brand thats just says isotretinoin made by Cipla seems ok. The Cipla isotretinion is one third the price.

Thats just refering to the study you found Dreamggirl. I dont think theres any difference at all.

But yes.....depression will go away while accutane kicks in....most def. You will have hope when all other options are exausted. Chapped lips will definetely occour. My skin has been itchy once.

Im sure people on huge doses daily will get really itchy and have even more sever dryness of thier lips.

Im all good with 40mgs a day. I was taking 20mgs a day to start and it still was working. But with 40mg a day........Im skatin.

Im going to try and get some pictures on here. I cant give a before but I can give a after picture. Believe me no lie..................my acne had me so depressed that I though more was wrong me than acne.

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH.....I actually went to a doctor with severe paranoia. I got myself checked for every sexually transmitted desease and had my liver and kidneys checked to. Lots of blood work done.(A thousand dollars worth). And all I had was acne that was not treated properly. The Acne caused me to be ashamed and made me was my face until I had abbrasions once.

All I have to say is that accutane has giving me alot of hope and I feel good and look good. Accutane is literally showing me a differance everyday. My acne ddidnt start until I was 17. Im 26 now and my face is starting to look like it did when I started highschool.

And Dreamgirl........can you tell me more about the fish oil caps. I bought some Omega 3. Its all the fatty acids together. When you take the fish oil do you take it with your accutane.

I take milk thissle for your liver.........I believe the isotretinoin may make you fatigued. Minocycline made me fatigued at times. The milk thissle gives me alot of energy and makes me feel good and alert. I noticed a difference from the milk thissle(Milk Thissle Is Exspensive To).

I play soccer so I cant be fatigued. Isotretinoin has had no effect on my soccer skills what so ever. I play alot better without the stress of acne now.

Isotretinoin Is A Dam Good Acne Drug

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I was depressed before Accutane...so Accutaned pretty much cured my depression :D

This is how I feel. Before Accutane I would wake up in the morning, take 30 minutes to examine new pimples, drain old ones, apply topical after topical, apply concealer and make up and still feel crap about myself. I would then spend the rest of the day trying to avoid people seeing my bad side, avoiding mirrors and cameras (and generally trying to hide myself away), making excuses as to why I didn't want to go out, avoiding this food and that, taking this supplement and take and so on and so on. Throw in a few episodes of just wanting to lay in bed under the covers and not move for days. Accutane has freed me from all of this. It may be temporary - and I hope to god it isn't at the expense of the rest of my health, but I am a totally different person now.

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Same JBHK............

I can actually just live without thinking about when or where the next breakout will happen.

The Isotretinoin has just stopped the acne in its path to destruction of my well being.

Im far from depressed....I feel better than ever.

I can actually put lotion on dry spots of my face. Before i was afraid to use anyking of lotion(I thought It Would Clog Pores)

I guess all I need was accutane.


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i don't doubt that accutane can cause depression in some people but for me it has done the exact opposite. i am much happier now that i'm not breaking out all the time, and i think this is the case for most people who take this drug.

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Yep and why its a controversial drug I dont know.

In fact I get kind of upset when I hear these idiots bashing accutane.

These people need acne to see why we need accutane.

Those people can all go kick rocks

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Yep and why its a controversial drug I dont know.

because it makes deformed babies, but if everyone could just manage to not get pregnant for 6 months it that wouldn't be a problem.

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