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Liked it so much the first time, I think I'll have another go!

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I don’t think there’s anyone left in here who remembers me from my first time round, apart from you dad, if you’re reading this!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m putting this on to log my own progress rather than to satisfy my need to expose myself to the general public.

Went back to the Derm today after a nasty flare up over the weekend and persuaded him to give me another go. I previously did 60mg for 5 months and finished about 5 months ago or so and my skin got progressively worse again after about a month of finishing. It’s still pretty mild but I want to catch it before it gets worse. I think I was spoilt after my first round and got used to being one of those flawless skinned people!

He wanted to kick me straight back in at 60mg and see how I am after 2 months. I told him I was keener on a lower / longer dose but he didn’t think it was worth it but suggested I do 20mg for a week, then 40mg for another week and then back to 60mg.

Now, I know he’s the expert but I think that I would be better suited with a lower dose considering my skin isn’t as bad as before. For my second go, I’d prefer to ease myself in gently, as the bishop said to the actress, so I’m going to do 10mg for the first week or two which will mean 1 20mg pill every other day.

I’ll play it by ear and see how I get on but I’m thinking I’ll bump it up to 20 after a couple of weeks and progressively increase the dose as I need it.

Main concern here is to avoid or limit the IB as much as poss. Right, first pill down the hatch. I’ll keep myself posted.

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Just about to neck my second 20mg pill but it’s really strange as after taking the first one a couple of days ago, my skin just seemed to clear up over night. The change had been sudden and dramatic and I can’t put it down to one tablet. Very odd but I’m not complaining.

Obviously no side effects whatsoever at the moment.

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DAY 14

Still on 10mg and things are good. Pretty clear and no IB yet. I remember the first time it started in the first week and was pretty nasty so I'm thinking this low dose and gradually building it up if and when I need it is the way forward. Lips are drier than normal but nothing bad. All in all, happy so far.

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DAY 23

I've upped my dose to 20mg per day. Been spot free since the first couple of days and still no IB. I think that the super low dose has avoided it (fingers crossed).

I've been a bit slack in that I never went for my blood tests at the start so I'm going to go tomorrow as I'm a bit concerned as I've been continuing to drink as if I'm not on 'tane. I know it's irresponsible but I reasoned that at such a low dose it wouldn't hurt. I am getting some lower back pain so I'm just hoping that it's not my liver packing up!

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