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If it didn't break you out though then thats good right, the one i'm using now smells quite nice but doesn't seem to break me out, the Dove soap seems to break me out when i use it.

i used imperial leather (the pink one) was really good and made you smell nice.

didnt break me out :)

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I'm getting alot of little spots, i mean whitehead kinda spots, i think thats due to me getting a bit of dry skin though, why did you stop using it if it never broke you out, the ACT bar your using now is quite drying aswell, i used that for over 2 months and the reason i stopped was for that reason.?

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i stoped using Imperial leather because it had not spot fighting ingredient, since i dont use BP, ACT seemed the best option.


Yeah i agree with you there on that one that ACT is probably the best option to fight spots, but saying that i've not really had any bad spots while using Imperial leather, but when i was using the ACT bar i still seemed to get the odd bad spot, maybe its just cause i've only been using Imperial leather a few days, i'll probably break out bad soon but i hope not.

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hey guys .... 1st of all imperial leather is for shower u shud not use it for face wash ..... 2ndly it contains fragnance and dan has warned not to use anything with fragnance either bp , wash , or moisturizer ... so stay away from imperial leather


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Well i think using that soap has paid off for me, i am going through such a huge break out right now my skin is so bad, was fine before when i was using my other soap, its strange though as my family uses the soap without any problem, but i guess they dont have acne.

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Hi, i used this soap and it dried out my face loads and irritated it like mad so i stopped using it but i didn't put any mostrizer on after i used it so that could of been why.

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