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I have found a dairy free "ice cream" product by Turtle mountain. Their website is http://www.soydelicious.com/ I personally do not like to eat products with any dairy in them even if it's 2% or even if it's fat free. I have yet to try this dairy free soy ice cream. For me, dairy causes white heads overnight. Lately I have stopped consumption of ice cream up until tonight.. I couldn't help myself. But for the most part I only use soy milk. Any one have similar experience with milk and acne? or anyone try this dairy free soy ice cream?

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I tried that ice cream and it hurt my stomach sooooo bad. I dunno why I reacted to it like that because I eat tofu and used to drink soy milk just fine. I wont buy it again though.

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Hey, I used to eat that stuff. It tastes pretty good, but unfortunately, it has tons of sugar in it just like any other ice-cream. It's also unfermented soy, which shouldn't be eaten a lot.

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i have never had that particular one. but i had some vegan vanilla ice cream before, it tasted pretty good. i don't really like ice cream anyway, too cold.

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Tofutti is another type that's been out a lot longer. I'm not sure what the good soy bad soy deal is, but I remember it was the only soy ice cream I could stand when I was a little kid, besides Rice Dream (rice, not soy...obviously)

I want Silk to come out with an ice cream...

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