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Afraid to meet someone I met online

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Hi everyone.

I'll be turning 25 next week, and I'm still suffering from acne. When I was young and naive, I thought it'd magically go away when I turned 18. Ha.

Anyway, I met a guy online and I'd like to invite him to my birthday party. Unfortunately, I'm really self-conscious about my skin (arent we all?) and I'm worried I'll be a disappointment to him.

My problem is acne scars. I have about 6 big ones on each cheek. I also break out a little, but that's nothing compared to the hell that my scars put me through. When I smile, you cant see them, so I have to smile ALL THE FRICKIN TIME. He's seen pics of me where I'm smiling and I look normal, but when he meets me in real life, there's no way he can miss them.

Anyone have any advice? Guys, would you be disappointed?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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For starters, begin perform self-talk to yourself to boost your spirit. If the person is genuinely kind and understanding, he will treat you normally regardless of your acne or any other flaws. We're only human, and somethings are just beyond our control. Explain to him your situation, your feelings, and express your fears. It may just be that it makes you feel like a better person, and give him an opportunity to show you that he really cares about you, and not your acne.

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He won't even notice. Or maybe he will notice, but don't even have a second thought about that... because it's not something so obvious (like you have never meet and you don0t like him for his apparence). The try hiding them with some make up, if you use it, and then forget about them and have fun... Haven't you said that when you smile they can't be seen? :)

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i get the same paranoia you do. just about my red marks... i do have shallow scars to match them but i HATE the redmarks. and being a guy i can tell you that i wouldn't mind dating a girl with acne scars. i don't think most guys do. i myself can look right past them and see who a girl really is. her personality is what attracts me.

just be yourself and give off a genuine aura, trust me you'll be fine.

actually sometimes i think girls are the more meticulous ones about skin. i've heard plenty of girls comment on a guys skin that was not so smooth (or perfect), but i rarely hear any guys talk about it. i know some will debate with what i'm saying but that's just the way i feel.

either way, i'm sure things will go well when you meet this guy.


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Yea it will be fine, I'm always surprised blokes never seem bothered by my skin. They usually have their own hang ups even if it aint skin ones. No one thinks their perfect!

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Like everyone else said, just try not to worry about it so much.. it'll be fine. I don't think he'd be disgusted by a few scars, and if he is then you tell him to get lost. If you're really worried about it then you should probably talk to him about it like walk the wire said, and just explain how they make you really self conscious and I'm pretty sure he'll reassure you it's no big deal at all. It's not your fault that you have skin problems so he's going to have to deal with it, or go away. But if you've been talking to him for a while anyway and he wants to meet you then he probably likes you for your personality and it won't make a difference whether you have scars or not. Anyone worth knowing won't care. Have fun :angel:

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I really do know how you feel.

There's this guy who wants to meet me at an anime convention. Dorky, I know. But we've known each other for 5 years, talked over the phone, etc.

But I'm afraid of him seeing my acne. I guess it's easier on me than for you though because he says he's suffered through acne and still suffers.

I agree with the above posts. If he a nice guy he might notice but he won't care. and that's the kind of guy you want.

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