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Over applying Retin-A bad

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Well, I'm always over excessive with my creams. Was wondering if the body could develop an immunity to Retin-A or Tazorac over time if I over apply it on my face at night.

The thing is that I have red/brown/purple marks ALL over my face/forehead, etc. So by spot treating = all over my face basically.

I heard that the body could develop an immunity to Differin. I'm guessing Retin-A might be the same thing.

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why would you spot treat with retin-a?

Please remember, spot treat=a complete myth.

there is nothing that you can do to make a pimple go away faster other than squeezing out the head.

not BP. and CERTAINLY not retin-a.

Pimple medicines are only prevention.

The purple and red and marks you have are just superficial chemical burns i bet. NOT GOOD...and won't speed up the process. Use it how its prescribed, really....i tell you this honestly.

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Retin A isn't intended as a spot treater. In order to benefit you need to follow the directions of retin a. Retin A will help prevent retention hyperkertiosis if used correctly. This means it should be spread in a thin layer across the face in any areas that you normally develop acne. The effects of retin a can diminish, over time your skin will become accustomed to retin a and it will not work as well. That is why they have different concentrations of retin a. Retin a should peel the skin a little, that is normal. After a while if you feel retin a has lost its effect ask your derm for a higher concentration.

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