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Mandy Ann

How important IS sunscreen?

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I'm so paranoid that sunscreen will break me out, but I am constantly reading how people would never go a day without sunscreen. Is it really that important? Would I even need it in the winter time, if I did start wearing it?

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nah i think its importance is hyped up. Kinda like tanning is supposed to break u out, when surely in moderation it would be fine. Personally ive never worn sunscreen while ive had acne (7 months) and im still alive.

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i consider it VERY important.

though i only use sunscreen when sun strength is medium to high (which we only get in the summer) and i alwyas apply the sunscreen in that period.

If you dont, the sun will damage your skin and make hyper pigmentation worse, dry your skin out (which will stimulate sebum production), may cause skin cancer amongst other stuff.

so in the long run, a little breakout initially is better than possible cancer in the future.

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It is important. Especially when using products that make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Mandy, you wear makeup right? Doesn't your foundation have spf in it? Most of them do anymore. If your moisturizer doesn't have any, then using a foundation with spf should be fine for days of incidental sun. But if you are going to spend any amount of time in the sun, a stronger spf should be added.

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