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I got this cleaning pad by the company Oxy. Its Meximum. Will it work?

this thing sux, the thing smell like it's been drown in alcahol. i dislike pads in general. i keep thinking that the cotton pad sucks up all the medication :)... you might like it, i didn't. i threw the whole box out.

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Guest max_powers585

I got this cleaning pad by the company Oxy. Its Meximum. Will it work?

well i remember these things i used long long time ago and they didnt do ne thing for me...

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I use the pads (Deep Cleansing) and have seen some improvement. The salicylic acid has really helped to keep my pores clear.

Usage tips:

- The texture of the pads are quite rough to encourage physical exfoliation so be gentle when using them.

- Start with one application a day as opposed to the recommended twice daily application. (If this is too much, then use one application every 2 days or even just twice a week.) The pads are much too harsh to use twice daily, especially in the winter months. You don't want to overly dry your skin to the point where you can't apply your acne treatment products.

- Apply a light layer of the liquid from each pad (i.e. like a toner). When your skin has adapted to the alcohol and salicylic acid, you can gradually apply more of the liquid (i.e. don't try to use every single drop of moisture from each pad until it is totally dry - this can be way too much product, especially if you're skin is sensitive).

- Allow the application from the pads to dry then follow with your acne treatment and, lastly, a moisturizer.

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