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First off, no offense to anybody here.

Out this week on two occassions now i have met "smoker girls" in clubs. The first i was lucky to get away from, she decided to light a cigarette while i was talking to her. Made excuse, left.

Second time i unfortunately kissed her. That's one of my worst pet hates. Kissing a smoker. It tastes like licking the floor on a bus. To anyone who smokes here i would like to share this with you; when you kiss somebody who does not smoke, nor like smoking, you are most likely making them violently sick. I wanted to physically go into the toilets and throw up.

I guess it's partly because both my grandparents have died from years of smoking recently, and partly because smokers taste like they have been chewing death.

Not to mention the smell on their clothes and how much i laugh when friends spend almost £100 a week on them instead of new clothes or going out and having fun with friends..

Rant over.

EDIT: cancercancercancersticks.

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I don't smoke anymore (gave up about 4 years ago) but I can't taste it if I kiss smokers. I havn't ever been able to, maybe it's because I used to smoke?!I can definately smell it on peoples clothes......maybe they just chew a lot of gum?

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I don't smoke myself but I love the smell of cigarettes on a guys breath when you lean in to kiss him. I think it smells sexy.

Ewww...lol...that's weird...

I don't know, these days more and more young people are not smoking, at least that's my observation, everyone I talk to doesn't smoke and condemns it as the worst of habits. I haven't read any studies, but I hope more people are deciding not to smoke.

Nasty habit.


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I"ve kissed a smoker....

he never had just finished smoking, or smoked constantly enough to give me that kissing an ashtray experience..

mostly morningtime whilst in bed snuggling. lol....

morning breath! gew..

i was kind enough to get my lazy ass up and brush my teeth... u think he could've done the same!

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LOL! ive given up smoking...i only smoked for a yr but i must admit i have one now and then if someone offers me one when im drunk..i cant seem to help it lol neways..a few years back before i had ever had my first ciggie, i was making out with this guy on the school oval one night lol(dont ask how we ended up there coz i dont know either) and EWWWWWWW!!! hes a chain smoker..always has to have a smoke in his hand and yucky!!! not only did his breath taste disgusting he was like one of those dogs...what are they called...oh yea! a saint bernard! DROOL DROOL DROO :drool: all over me LOL!!! it was festy! and this bit is really groose...the next morning i woke up with all these weird spots all over my tounge..mum gave me this stuff to paint on my tounge(forgot what its called) but yea it got rid of it but omg it was so bad Lmfao!! never again :razz:

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Smokers.... ugh... haha yeah I dated a guys who smoked like a friggen chimney, I hated it. He had this permanently smokey mouth no matter what he did.

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I don't smoke myself but I love the smell of cigarettes on a guys breath when you lean in to kiss him. I think it smells sexy.

haha i thought i was the only one that was turned on by this!! i dont smoke either, but i LOVE the smell it leaves behind on my boyfriend's lips/clothes/scent etc. VERY seducing :drool:

the only explanation i can come up with besides simply liking the smell.. and that bad boy connotation.. is the fact that my dad is a smoker. though i never actally lived with himand havent seen him in years (divorce). :think: perhaps its that sick+twisted froidian complex lol

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