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Whiteheads/Comedones etc. on tane

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HI guys, ive been on accutane for almost 2 months now, and am still getting whiteheads/comedones etc which was my main problem to begin with. Is there still a chance that all the crap under my skin will eventually all come out? How long is this going to take - i only have 2 months left! :(

Thanks dudes/dudettes!


PS. the first month i was on 40mg a day, now im on 70mg a day.

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For Gods Sake. Do they all NEED to COME OUT? so everything under the skin is going to come up as a damn pimple over the course? if that's the case i'm going to be covered. Got comedones all over my cheeks, they aren't a problem if they don't come up, but if they do it's going to be soooo bad!

Don't some just go back into the skin?

..I'm now pissed off.

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Could anyone actually answer my question please?

I'd really like to know - Does everything need to come out of your skin? or can alot of it dissapear? I've been asking this question for months. nobody has answered it though! :P

Any ideas?

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Yeah im on day 70 now....this is my 3rd month and im hoping these little whitehead fuckers will stop popping up overnight.My face hasnt had a chance to be perfect once since i started.Ive got spots all over right now :shifty: The only thing thats keeping me motivated is the day i have clear skin...or else i wouldve been on anti depressants already

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