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I don't know why

Beating Acne (slowly but surely)

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Hey guys,

So within about 6 years of my life I have been fustrated with acne. I tried every eliminating every possible cause. I tried all the diets and all the soaps and meds. Acne just kept on coming back. So I had to sit down by myself and realize what the hell was going on. After analyzing all my experience with acne, I came to the conclusion that I eat way too much/often and that's when I get the acne. Whenever I get stressed out, I snack or overeat. It's personal but my family life is quite stressful and I think I had some sort of link between that and overeating. I picture myself now, if I was to move out, how would I live in terms of eating. I realized that I would only need 3 meals a day. So now that's all I do. I eat 3 meals a day of anything I want (usually tends to be more substantial because you want to last till the next meal). Slowly but surely the acne stopped. Red marks are slowly healing as well as the redness. Along with eating 3 meals a day, I also stopped drinking water with meals. I drink water inbetween if I am thirsty. No more 8 litres a day thanks ;) . Anyway, that's my experience with acne.

So it's basically:

8-9am Breakfast

12-1pm Lunch

6-7 Dinner

Hope I helped.

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Glad to hear you have had success. However, I'm not sure why you gave up drinking water. Care to explain why?

I don't drink water with meals because I think that leads to overeating/drinking. Plus I read that it isn't very good for digestion etc. I haven't had a problem, it's very comfortable. I drink when I am thirsty and I eat when I am hungry.

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Its actually better to eat 4-5 small meals per day to get your body balance and not let your sugar drop too low and then go sky high when comsuming something.

I try to make my 3 meals smaller and add in 3 snacks inbewtween, but whatever works for you :angel:

I agree with overeating being so bad though ;)

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