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does anyone here took accutane and never get acne again

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i really hope miracle would happen to me

one of my friend he took accutane before

and then he has never gotten acne again in his life

but when i met him

his face was clear already

so i didnt know how bad his skin was


does anyone here experienced the miracle yet

i also heard that accutane only can last for one to two years

and then u will get acne again

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Most leave the forum that do. But for us currently taking it none of us have a crystal ball to forsee the outcome...wish we did. Im on month 3 and continue to have breakouts. The med. acts as a roller coaster as it peaks & drops. Its outcome is unpredicatable person to person.

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The miracle thing is all subjective too. For people with mild acne who go on it and have their acne come back post tane, well, they're probably less likely to call it a miracle. For people who had severe acne, like myself, and had it all clear up and (continually) fade away in less than eight months, that's a miracle right there regardless of what happens down the line...

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I finished accutane over 4 months ago, still haven't had a single pimple. I also have a friend who had mad bad acne and he took accutane 4 years ago, and he doesn't get acne anymore either. He gets maybe 1 pimple here and there.

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Screw that....im definetely hanging out here once im clear.Ive read some of the most funny,touching,disturbing posts ever :lol: Plus i definetely wanna stay to motivate others...

You all still have me for 7 months at least :P

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i know two other people who have taken accutane and were clear for years (and still are) one one took one course and the other had two courses

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