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I'd like to start off by saying that through all of my readings/trying of products the MOST vital lesson I have learned is that every person's skin is very very different.. that being said, I think what I am doing is touching my skin/body on so many levels that it is bound to get to the root no matter what!

FOOD: ABSOLUTELY NO Gluten, Dairy, Nuts. Very low sugar and trans fats, high vegetables.

At least 2 glasses of a green smoothie OR carrot juice a day... (there just isn't enough time in the day to do them both)

SUPPLEMENTS: GLA (twice daily)

Lecithin(with GLA)

Vitamin E(with GLA)

Beta Carotene(with GLA)

Vitamin C(after meal)

Zinc(before bed)

Multivitamin(4-6 throughout the day)

EPA-DHA(2 a day, with multi)

CLEANSING: Oatmeal Scrub(twice a day, ground oatmeal with little water to make paste)

Tea Tree Oil (on active spots)

Homemade Peel(once a week)

Clay Mask(twice a week, overnight spot treatment)

ALSO: Currently doing a colon cleanse, not necessarily recommended for everyone with acne, however if you have other bowel/colon issues(constipation, infrequent movements) then it is obvious your colon needs cleansing and is probably contributing to your acne as well.

Completed a 10-day liver cleanse about 2 months or so ago, it was very very food restrictive and cleared my acne up quite a bit, this is how I came to realize that diet was definitely going to be an influence for me.

CURRENT STATE OF FACE: Forehead-bumpy(mild>moderate)

Chin-very red, many inflamed spots, 2-3 active pimples currently, 3-4 'healing'


Rest of face-not too bad, obviously blackheads throughout, some concerns

in left cheek area, nothing too extreme though

I'll post more info tmrw...

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Well it's been a couple days..I am not sure of the changes happening in my skin..some spots appear to be getting better, and yet I am noticing a few more spots forming.

I decided today that I am going to cut back on my grains...really leaves me little to no options for breakfast, seeing as to fruit is out cuz I can't have that with my gla...

On another topic, here are some things I have tried in the past and what they have done:

-Proactiv... needless to say, nothing

-AcneFreeIn3Days... absolute waste of money, couldn't even believe what the book actually said... it was on track with the flushing but it didn't even touch on hormones and the regimen was ridiculously strict without any touch of if something doesn't react well to your skin.

-Steaming of the face... did this morning and night for a month straight... didn't see any visible results, my acne wasn't getting any worse but definitely not shockingly better, and this was after doing some flushing and changing my diet drastically, it then became apparent to me that there was a lot more I was going to need to do if I wanted things to clear.

Spent a lot of time looking at paleo/paleo style diets today.. definitely going to keep that on the back burner if in a couple weeks I've seen little improvements with what I am currently doing.

For anyone who's been reading this, I was curious about others who are gluten free and what they have found with rice? Since I've been pretty much gluten free for well over a month now and my acne is basically just unpredictable I'm sort of getting the feeling that something I am eating on a daily or semi-daily basis has something to do with it, that or my hormones.. which I am battling with full force right now with supplements to see if that is it..

State-Of-Face for today.. (3 days in)

Forehead-bumpy as per usual.. a couple whiteheads popping through, blackheads hella noticeable

Chin-messy messy messy... lesions from a couple days ago healing, VERY red and sore looking.. a couple small whiteheads forming around mouth... overall just a big ball of redness.

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Today I can't help but feel that there honestly will never be an end... with every new thing I try the hope to finally finding what my body wants to clear my skin is SO DAMN CLOSE and everytime it actually appears to be getting better, but then swoosh back it goes, worse and always different.

Today I've got some serious chin issues... I wish there was a forum set-up that outlined acne-type and location..because I think where it is located has a lot to do with treatment.

It's breaking out, red, bumpy...virtually disgusting.. I think I can visibly see the hope diminishing and the doubt rising..

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it's been a couple more days..things seem to be calming down quite a bit.. that seems to be how it always goes though so I will not get my hopes up too high this time so that if things do flare up again in a couple days I won't feel so friggin low...

I switched my vitamin e to a dry supplement, I think that was definitely a great decision, my face is hardly oily at all!

After taking my clay mask off the other morning there were hundreds of pores being unclogged on my chin.. it was quite amazing.. it was in places that I used to have tonnes of blackheads...now if only the gazillion red marks around that area would clear up it would be a true miracle!

The hardest thing about all this is the patience.. it's a constant process with the diet change, always thinking about what I am going to eat next.. what times I need to eat in order to fit into my busy schedule and then the effects of doing it all are sooooo slloooooww... I know obviously it will be incredibly worth it in the end, but having no idea where that end is is well, very tedious to say the least!

Current state of face:

Forehead-bumpy bumpy, lots of new bumps forming..skin coloured so I don't really care too much about them as they aren't inredibly noticeable..

Chin-ZERO new pimples forming.. many a red marks/healing lesions.. still quite messy looking.

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