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OK-I'm pretty frustrated! I have been using Taz and sprio for 2.5 months (prior to that i used RAM and differin) and my skin looks like crap! I have little red bumps and splotches all over my face. Before it was starting look better (not great of course but better) and then another breakout. I thought I would be totally clear by now or at least close.

I am so frustrated...I have tried everything and I still look like crap. Everything seems to work for a while and to an extent but just not good enough. I am 29 yrs old and my skin looks much worse then it did when I was teenager. I hate going out anywhere because I feel so self conscious. My boyfriend says that problem skin are irrelevent in the end but i've had this forever and i feel bad about myself all the time, so it seems pretty relevent right now (though I absolutely understand what he's saying). Anyway thanks for reading:)

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Hello there.

I've been on the Tazorac 0.1 for about 2.5 months as well. It hasn't done anything but make my skin worse, but I'm gonna ride it out the whole 12 weeks and then evaluate from there. I hope you stick with it, too, and maybe our patience will pay off!

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yeah, its kinda funny how for every good story i hear about taz, i hear 9 other bad ones. i have gone through it twice with .05 and it did absolutely NOTHING. :doh:

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