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Tikvica's New Regimen

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You may know me from the Clear Skin Regimen logs (now officially Dan Kern's Regimen :)

I've been on the regimen for precisely 6 months now, and, while it did help a lot, it hasn't solved all of my skin problems. if you're really, really interested, you can read my acne history in my csr log, b/c i can't be bothered to tell that story all over again ;)

so, bp got rid of all the nasty things popping up (though i couldn't really complain much, b/c i know there are people on this board w/ much bigger problems than me), and now i'm left with bunch of tiny flesh coloured bumps (called closed comedones), which were my problem even when i started csr. i must say they are fewer than when i started csr, and i can't say if it's b/c of bp (bp doesn't actually affect sebum production, but stops bacteria from forming, so scientifically it can't be the reason) or if it's b/c of the new knowledge i gained on these boards about basic skin care, products, ingredients and just learning how to take care and not harrass my skin too much.

having learnt so much, thanx to some people from here, following other people's logs and thanx mostly to celebrations new regimen, i also decided to try topical retinoids, to see if that is gonna help my closed comedones.

i decided to go w/ non-perscription, Diacneal, which contains a mild retinoid, retinaldehyde c.t. 01.% and 6% glycolic acid (i'm a huge fan of glycolic acid, so i guess i'm gonna love this combination). but, i'm still going to stick to BP, to prevent any junk from forming. i will also try and take my vitamin supplements everyday, the most important being vitamin C 2000mg (i'm a a heavy smoker :shrug: )

so, my new regimen will look like this:


Dercome Clear BP wash


Cleanser + Dan's CSR Gel

(Depending on if i'm in the rush or not)

Eucerin Dry Skin Relief (if skin feels dry)


Eucerin Age Protecting Face Cream spf25 (if going out)

Vitamin C 1000mg




Vitamin C 1000mg

I've just finished one series of 6 glycolic peels and going to wait a month before starting the next series. until the next series comes, i'll probably have one day a week when i will put nothing on my face, just to give my skin some rest.

I'm using mineral make-up, but i'm not puttin make-up everyday. though the winter is coming close, so i will be using it more and more often (i use it in the winter almost every time i go out of the house, b/c i feel that it protects my face from cold and wind). i usualy take off make-up as soon as i come back home. so if it's afternoon, i use nivea sensitive skin gentle facial cleansing wipes only, and if it's in the night i also use the wipes, but then follow w/ cleanser. i sometimes also use a toner, just to make sure i took everything off.

so, voila! this is my new regimen. please feel free to comment and/or tell me your experiences if you've used a similar regimen or the same products and tell me how it went.

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it's not retin-a, it's retinaldehyde, a non-perscription retinoid, which is slightly milder than retin-a. i buy it in a pharmacy.

if you're from europe, you can get it in almost every pharmacy. if you're from the us, you can check aveneusa.com to find the store nearest to you where you can buy. or you can take a look at lionqueen's post on websites that ship it to the states


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it's been 3 days only, but i experienced no changes in terms of skin redness, tightness or initial breakouts. hope it stays that way.

i was reading dan's paleo diet log today and was triggered w/ stuff related to zinc supplements and how certain things we eat prevent zinc from absorbing. i have to do some more research, but i think i will probably include zinc supplements in my diet.

i also found a bottle of i.d. bareVitamins skin rev-er upper in my bathroom, which i got 6 months ago with my bareminerals make-up kit. it seems a very good product, judging by the ingredients, and it contains lots of salicylic acid, which would probably be helpful for my closed comedones, but i'm waiting for snowqueens blessing to incorporate it to my regimen.

i'm also in a quest for a new facial wash, since my purpose liquid cleanser is coming to an end, and i didn't like it that much, mainly b/c of the fragrance. it's quite ugly. i've got a purpose bar stacked in my bathroom, but i'm afraid to use it now, since it will probably dry out my skin a bit, and it's already dry, especially now in the winter.

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my skin looks good!

still no initial breakout or sensitivity reactions like redness

i'm flaking a bit around my mouth and on one of my redmarks, but i guess that's b/c of the peels i finished on sunday.

yesterday i went searching for a new facial cleanser, but found nothing worthy of buying, i don't know what i'm going to do. probably i'll have to write down a few that look least harmful and ask snowqueen for advice

or will have to use the purpose bar anyway until my next trip to civilization :shrug:

or i should just use facial wipes and a toner until something comes up...

i was doing some research on various supplements and found that the lack of omega-3 may be the reason for dry skin. i've had severely dry skin on most parts of my body and patches of dry skin on my face for years and years and thru my years of suffering found very good various topicals, creams and body lotions and all other different concoctions that can deal with it. the downside is that i still have to use them every frickin day, two times a day in the winter. so, we'll see if this helps.

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started today

and my skin started peeling

nothing major, just very flaky (small flakes) cheeks and chin

i used a toner (nivea moisturizing toner) this morning to get rid of flakes - just gently massaged my skina bit with a cotton pad soaked w/ toner, in circualr motions for a mintue or two.

i also have a small pimple on my left cheekbone, but it looks like it stopped developing. so, it's almost not worht mentioning. but, it is my first pimple in weeks, so that must be connected to that "initial breakout" retinoids myth.

otherwise, i'm very satisfied w/ the way my skin looks. i don't know if that has to do w/ my new regimen, w/ the fact that i did a series of ga peels, or the fact that i'm pretty persistent in taking my 2000mg of vitamin C. and maybe it's all these things together.

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thanx, lionqueen

but i don't live in the states, so it's pretty costly for me to order from there

and it's actually pretty tricky to order cosmetics to where i'm from: it is, after all, a post-communist country, and they (customs) still like to peep their nose to everything that goes through their hands :rolleyes:

+ now, w/ new european union regulations about liquids and gels in the planes, they cleverly assume that all liquids and gels in the world are a threat to the society so they might keep it for weeks to make sure everything is clean. a guy i know ordered a cleanser from canada and they kept it for three weeks at the customs office! can you imagine? so i really do not want to go through all that.

usually when i order stuff, i order to some friends' around the world addresses so i pick it up when i go to them or they bring it when they come to me. that's how it works fur us here :shrug:

so maybe i try it next time i come to the states or when mohammad comes to the hill :)

anyway, i discussed some available options here that i thought were worth considering (eucerin ph5, eucerin for problem skin, nivea visage gentle facial wash and johnson's gently exfoliating facial wash) with snowqueen, she said that they were all a good, gentle option for dry skin, so i went for the cheaper ones :)

so, i'm going to use nivea as a standard, everyday cleanser, and johnson's, since it's got tiny, gentle, exfoliating beads, when i feel there's too much flakes wandering around

p.s. what happened to your fabulous regimen signature?

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p.s. what happened to your fabulous regimen signature?


I've been posting in the Lounge too much lately, I've gotten in the habit of unchecking the sig box when I post!

Here it is.

And sorry .... I didn't realize you were from overseas ... that does make it hard to get hold of these products. The Snow Queen is a wonderful resource. And if you ever can't get hold of her, check out www.cosmeticscop.com .... I think Snow Queen gets a lot of her info from Paula Begoun's writings.

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i actually check cosmeticscop.com everyday

but i'm still learning a lot

snow queen's much more experienced and savvy

so i'm always trying to make my opinion on sth, but it check it w/ her after, to see if i was right

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face dry a lot

i think it's this nivea cleanser, which i used last night for the first time

i'm going to use it tonight as well, but if skin is still dry, i'm going to give to my boyfriend :eh:

and i'll go with jonson's one until i find sth else, without exfoliating beads

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i didn't wash last night, due to dryness

i just took off makeup with nivea wipes and removed residue w/ toner

much better this morning

i must say i'm very happy w/ the way my skin looks

it hasn't been even-toned since the time i ran out of IG, but now it's almost there. and i already do see a great reduction of comedones

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thank you, jc, for your lingustic support!

however, i don't think aloe vera would help

i've got no skin that needs healing, i just need this dead skin, that is so nicely going away b/c of diacneal to finally "fall off"

what would help more is a ga toner, but i don't have any

maybe i'll just have to go and get it :)

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i bought this clinique deep wrinkle face and eye concentrate

according to paula begoun, it is as state-of-the-arte as it gets

i tested it on my hand and it felts soooo smooth and silky

i'm going to use it around my eyes, mouth (i'm a smoker, so i guess that's the area that gets affected by everything the worst first) and maybe forehead (i've got one line between eyebrows and one high up when i'm tired and when my skin is dry)

and i also put johnson's gently exfoliating facial wash into my daily routine since nivea visage was too drying

i booked for 2hrs of traditional thai massage tomorrow. i'll probably glow after it! there's this new beauty center that does only traditional thai massages (done by fillipine therapists) and non-invasive facials w/ at least 30min of face and neck and decollete massage. i think i might try one of those. i just love all kinds of massage. when i have a facial massage, my skin simply glows days after and is so tight (in a good way) and simply beautiful

oh, and i also go back to gym next week. i haven't exercised for ages, and since i'm prone to seasonal depression that has started taking over me in the past few weeks, my boyfriend forced me to go with him and start pumping up those endorphines, baby, yeah!

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i went to bed yesterday for an afternoon nap and woke up this morning at 10am

so, that means two things: that i slept for almost 16hrs and that i skipped my evening routine

well, it happens

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ok, i have a confession to make

2 nights before i tried to pop one comedone on my right cheek - it was big and it really annoyed me, b/c it has been there for a long time now

if course, mission wasn't succesful and this morning i woke up to find a big red inflamed monster (with no head, of course - why would it make it easier for me?) in the place where this benign small whitehead was

i'm going to put lots of bp or sth else anti-inflammatory to cool it down. i just hope it doesn't leave a redmark, i just got rid of them so nicely with ga peels

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my expectations were unrealistic

the monster is still there

only we can call it the ghost of the monster

it's getting very cold outside = my skin is getting very dry

i'm using a hell of a lot of moisturizer these days

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