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Joppa and EM

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Hello all,

I am new to these boards and this is my first time posting, so bear with me!

I received both my Joppa and EM samples yesterday! I have been a long-time user or BE, but as soon as I discovered this site, I immediately stopped using BE and I ordered samples of EM and Joppa. I ordered from Joppa on November 6 and from EM November 8. Both arrived November 13...not bad at all!

Today, I decided to try Joppa. I am pretty fair skinned...and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I wrote to Amy and she recommended I try Light #1 in the soft coverage and Light #2 in the full coverage. I also purchased a chiseled powder brush. Just looking at both colors, neither seemed to match my skin tone, so I mixed a little of both in a tissue. I've been using a kabuki for the past 3 years so I wasn't sure if the chiseled brush was going to achieve the coverage I was use to. I was amazed at how SOFT this brush was. I couldn't believe I had been using such a crappy and itchy brush (BE kabuki) for so long. I was pretty impressed with the coverage that the chiseled brush provided. I did seem to have to apply what seemed like more than one layer, but maybe that's just beceause I am use to a kabuki.

After applying the minerals, I was very happy with the results. My face did not have an orangey tint (like it did after using BE) and it wasn't itchy at all. Also, the coverage was PERFECT and did not look cakey in the least bit. So far, so good. I just hope the coverage lasts and doesn't wear off! I will update at the end of the day.

Now I have a few questions for you all. First, should I continue to keep using Joppa for a couple of weeks to see how my face takes to it BEFORE trying out EM? I am so anxious to try out EM, but if it would be better to continue to test out Joppa, I'll do that.

Also, which kabuki do you all recommend? So far I like the chiseled brush from Joppa, but I still think I would like a Kabuki. I see that both Joppa and EM have a few on their sites. Does anyone recommend a particular one?

And lastly, from just looking at the samples from EM, it seems I chose only 1 good color out of 3! I see on the website that you can order a second sample kit if the colors you ordered with your first one did not work. Has anyone done this yet? Do you have to send back the first sample kit, or do you just keep it and order a second one?

Ok, well that's all I have for now. I will keep you all posted on the progress of my new Joppa!

Take care!


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Haha, I feel like we're TWINS, I also ordered my minerals those same days and also got them yesterday.

I tried EM on one side and Joppa on the other. I'm using EM as my concelear today and Joppa as my foundation... I'm in LOVE.

I liked the concept of BM, but you're right, the colors were never right. I was even scared to apply my new samples because they looked so much more BROWN than my bareminerals.

Anyway, I am loving the coverage... it looks more natural! And bareminerals looked fairly natural on me, so this looks like I'm just flawless (well, that may be a stretch ;) )

Anyway, I also hate the Kabuki but actually ordered the brush from EM... I personally am not crazy about it and am going to order the Joppa brush you mention since it is now back in stock. The kabuki and I just don't get along.

Anyway, I'm glad another person was able to find better minerals because of this site, too!

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Hey! I also use EM and Joppa and so far I love both. The best kabuki brush I've used was EM's premium kabuki, its super soft and provides great coverage. I just love it. You can order as many samples as you like from EM and you do not have to send any of them back. :D!

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I think you should wear Joppa for a while, just to make sure your skin does well with it. Then you can switch to EDM and only wear that for a while to see how you like it. That way you don't mix the two and if you get a bad reaction, at least you know which one it's from.

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I agree with what spikeyli said. I would give each at least 2 weeks (4 if you want to be extra sure).

I have not yet found the perfect kabuki. I love the Joppa chiseled brush, but like you I started with BM and really like using a kabuki--but I hate BM's kabuki cus its sooo scratchy. I bought Joppa's kabuki and it is soft like the chiseled brush but I am not sure why I feel like it does not apply the minerals well. This may just be my opinion, but that's how i feel.

I may try EM's premium kabuki although its reviews are mixed and I did not liek their minerals so I am hesitant...I guess im going to wait and see what other people say.

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Yerp i have ordered 3 sample orders from EM. Finally found my match. You can keep them, dont worry about sending them back :D

Oh i love EM's premium kabuki brush, the white one. Works great!

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Best all time brush would be the Joppa Kabuki Brush, Softest quite big than other kabuki's and doesn't shed a hair! Highly worth the price and would definetly stock up on those. EDM Premium Kabuki is okay for me but it still sheds a bit here and there!

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ok i have to admit that Joppa's Kabuki has not shed at all and is incredibly soft, but im not sure why Im not satisfied...I feel like there is a better kabuki out there, but I have no idea where to turn. The joppa kabuki will have to do for now because the last thing I want is a brush that sheds.

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I think the reason you feel that way about the joppa kabuki brush is because it's very soft. You've been used to using the BE kabuki brush and that scratchy feeling kinda give you affirmation that you're putting stuff on your face. The joppa kabuki brush is so soft it feels like you're putting nothing on. I had the same problem when I started using the joppa brushes, I feel like I'm not putting enough on but in reality I'm putting too much on.

Isn't it weird how our brain interprets certain things? It's almost like if the brush doesn't scratch, I don't feel like I'm putting on enough minerals.

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