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wasn't sure where to post this

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Hi! I'm new on these boards and while I know it deals mainly with acne, I figured some of you may probably have some advice on other skin problems. I am 21 years old, so I figured to just post this here. ;)

My main problem is skin irritation caused by shaving pubic hair. I'm female and until only a few months back I never shaved my pubic hair, I only trimmed it with scissors. Now that I'm shaving I really like it this way but I find that I have to shave every day for it to stay smooth, and it can be incredibly painful and difficult to shave with razorburn. I use shaving cream.

I know this may be a common problem but how do you deal with it? Are there any topical solutions that won't cause massive burning? Easy to find solutions? The bumps are red and itchy and I hate them. >.< Does it get better after years of continued shaving? I know waxing is a possibility but I just can't do that right now.

Also, after the first time I shaved it all off I discovered what I think is an ingrown hair. This was a few months ago. I tried pressing a hot washcloth on it, and taking the tweezers to it, I did get something out but apparently it wasn't enough because the bump of skin is still there today. Under the skin I can see a couple tiny little black specks which I guess are hair, but.. it's really hard because I can't find a hair pore (?) around it.. and I don't want to have to cut my skin open really.. if that makes any sense. lol.. So, any advice on how to deal with that would be great too.

Thank you for your help and if this is inappropriate or doesn't belong in this section, I'm sorry. :(

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wow thank you so much for this help~~

I second TendSkin.

There is also a new product out by Monistat. Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. It works great on bikini areas, so clothing/friction doesn't add to the irritation.

Also, my friend was telling me about some razor that they sell at "adult" stores. It is just for shaving the pubic area. She said it works much better than a regular razor. I bet if you do some google searches, you could find it. I'll ask her what it is called.

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