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Da Real BucK

Are some acne cases too severe for the CSR to clear it 100%?

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I think my acne is just too severe for everything iand is too severe for the CSR to be clear 100%. I used to have either severe or just about severe acne on my face couple years ago before i started the csr. i had cysts and nodules in every part of my face, back, arms; tons of them. The csr has helped alot but its still to the point that i can never hold my head up or go out and do anything. ive tried everything including filtering all the water i use to wash my face and hands, trying the dip regimen in conjunction with the CSR, and even being on the Paleo diet for over a month now and I could of swore all of this would have cleared me but like everything else it failed and my acne is the toughest most annoying thing I have ever seen. I never ever ever touch my face what so ever, i shave incredibly gently (with sensor excel) and put on the dans bp gel, dans wash, and AHA all on super gently and no matter what i KEEP breaking out and im absolutely clueless. The scars that I get last months and their huge I really dont know what to do anymore and i dont have insurance so i cant get accutane. what else should i do? should i start shaving twice a day or would that be too irritating? I read dans story aout how he took accutane but i never saw a part saying why he stopped. from that story it sounded like he had very severe acne with the bacne and all that (like myself) but i dont see why the csr wouldnt work for me with severe acne. :wall:

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Not everything works for everyone. In fact most things don't work for EVERYONE. You may need to go see a doctor or a dermatologist and they may prescribe accutane.

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Check out this log:


It's from Celebration - if you look at her gallery you'll see she had severe acne, but cured it after 6 months on the CSR.

If you think the CSR (DKR or whatever it is now) won't be enough, you should start taking Zinc, vitamins or othe supplements (Zinc and Omega 3 are proven to fight acne I think)

Check about that here:


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how i cant see a derm without insurance

You can see one, it will just cost an arm & a leg. Same reason I have not gone yet (although my acne isnt severe either).

Edited to add: Accutane is something you only take for a few months at the most (I believe) & it can keep acne away for several years after taking it. So that is why Dan "stopped" taking it, cuz that's how the drug is used. However acne can come back years later (usually more mild), which is why Dan got acne again (but not as severe).

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The Regimen works best on mild to moderate acne. This doesn't necessarily mean that more severe acne won't see some results, but, your results may vary from not much improvement, to much improvement. It just depends. But expecting to be 100% clear is probably not realistic if you have severe acne.

For severe or persistent acne you should probably see a dermatologist. There isn't much an over-the-counter regimen can do for severe or persistent acne.

Although, having said that, there are some success stories from people who had what they would call severe acne. So, I suppose it is possible. But it does seem to take much longer than the "what to expect" page covers.

Read here, scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you see the yellow and green boxes: http://www.acne.org/regimen.html

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