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Is this what you called PEELING?

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I have been putting on the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (contains glycolic acis) so thick, 2-3 pumps on each cheek, for 3 consecutive days. My face was so red. Yesterday night, when I washed it off, I actually rubbed some dead skin off my cheeks. Now, my face looks like this...uhhhh..it hurts. I have put on aloe vera so thick! My face (mainly the cheeks) is still RED!

Is this what you expect what PEELING is? If not...why I can rub off some dead (peeled) skin?

Check out my log for some before pics!

IPB Image
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I'd say leave the daed skin until it is ready to come off!!

That is pretty raw man, I bet it hurts!!

Let it go and lay off that product for a week or so, and let the dead skin natuarly exfoliate until it is real dead.

It will be OK though, we have (alot of us ) done this.

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i heard that peels are usually not very noticeable.. (peeling wise)

today i popped a pimple or w/e it is on my chin with alot of pressure >.<

i hope it looks ok tommorrow morning when i go to work



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i dun think this is call peeling ...or it cant be determined by this picture

becoz u put aloe on it

peeling mostly refer to little flake of skin coming off....that's what i was understood...

so...i guess no

hope the redness go away soon

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why did you put so much on in the first place?

hehe...I want FAST result...

peeling is like dead skin coming off- flaking.

YES..I got flaking today!

red stuff like that takes a bit of time to fade... doing it too much is just gonna make your skin worst... what i found out is alot of things on your face will be back to normal after a certain amount of time... sometimes treatment will make it worst because it effects how the skin react and let's face it, alot of product isn't perfect for each individual skin... what i've found out is just try to keep the acne under control, find a way to not get any more acne, and wait for the marks to fade away... gental peeling stuff might help speed it up.. but don't go as hard as making your skin peel off like that.

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I don't get pimples quite often now...

I hate redmarks lol...especially those on my cheeks..leaving them alone seems like they take forever to fade away!

I hope my skin will back to normal soon! Wish me luck!

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if you can do a a strong peel like SA and take like a week of ur winter break staying home to let it heal (itll be peeling n red so u wont want to go in public) that would work really good. I made a strong SA peel, my face got red and peeled, but guess wat my redmarks literally vanished with that one peel-just make sure to apply loads of moisturizer n not too rub. That was during summer when i could do that, by now the redmarks are back. As a matter of fact im doing a moderate SA peel on my forehead right now cuz i have it covered by hair so the peelin n redness isnt much of a issue.

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don't worry bro ..!! i promise u that ur skin will feel better and look better

cauze i did my 1st peel like 6 dayz ago ,,but i feel so much better already

i leaved the peel on like for 5 minutes it burned me like hell ( i know i shouldn't leave it on for that long since that was my first )

the second day my skin was ugly red and dark

3th day ..it become brown ( it like when u cut urself when ur scar dried up) with brown stuff

i was freaked out ...cauze my skin looked rlly rlly gross..and dry and thought i did something wrong .

but like when day 4 come when i rub those flaking off ....i see good and fresh skin under those flaking

like today is my day 6 iam extremmly happy with the result already

cant' wait to go to the next peel

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