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My experience as an African American Vegan?

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So, I'm sure most of you have your own stance on the diet and acne dilemma, but for those of you stuck in between, here is my experiment with veganism :think:

A few months before my 21st birthday, my face went haywire. I had never experienced acne, and I mean NEVER. I was horrified, and I had no one to talk to but a dermatologist. So I go to see her and she tells me that this is normal for new adults, and hands me a bunch of samples of stuff that made my acne flare up even more. Well I used this stuff anyway for about 2 years, and nothing but my make up made my acne disappear. :doubt:

Well, life went on with acne...

At the beginning of 2005, I decided to move from Atlanta to Tampa. The best thing I ever did for my skin. Something about that weather, air, water, or maybe the fresh foods. I stopped using that acne medicine and started washing my face with Aveeno acne wash, and moisturized with Aveeno acne moisturizer. Perfect.

Dont think so.

I had to move back to ATL. FLARE UP!!!! I've been here since August, and have been living in hell ever since. What did I do different in Florida? Well, I couldnt get that beautiful sun, or air, or water, but I could do the fresh foods.

Then came the thoughts to become Vegan.

OK, around October 10th I went for it. This did not fit well with my addictions to ice cream and seafood, and believe me, I am still struggling.

Now the results: 1st week, I started using Ivory soap, and kept my moisturizer, but the acne got worse. This made me want to give up, but I couldnt think of anything else to do, so I continued. 2nd week, I was extremely tired, almost like I had taken cough medicine or something, and my acne looked the same, but it wasnt as painful. Guess I was going through some type of detox. 3rd week, not too fatigued, and still had acne popping up daily, but the difference was when I would wake up. My skin would be smoother, and the pimples that were their a week earlier had healed, although they still left a mark... :cry: 4th week, pimples still there, but new ones came less, and old ones healed much quicker...

Now, I dont know if its this Vegan thing, but I get pimples less, from about 2-3 daily to just 1 per week, and those tend to dissapear within 4 days. My skin is noticably smoother. I have more energy from my healthy diet, which I have to do because everything in a package has animal by products, geez, thank goodness for dole fruit bars. Also, Ive lost 6 pounds, which is not good for me because I am unattractively skinny. So try to eat foods with carbs and fats to keep the weight on.

Anyway, I hope these pictures help. My skin is dark so you may be unable to see my skin, but that maybe because of the smoothing :D

The picture is of me in Florida, Mother's day...[attachmentid=6654] Only the occasional cycle pimple.

Me now, Ive since cut my hair[attachmentid=6655]

Try the websites below for info on becoming Vegan










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i just wanna say thanks for adding those links. wow, more ppl are tryin to go raw/vegan! :dance:

yas, i wish u all d best! :angel:

Thanks a bunches :D

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