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what i did for my back

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i really dont have it severe on my back and chest i never really did but as we all know any thing really is enough to suffer from and can feel like it is severe anyways i hated showing my back esepcially with dresses or swimsuits but now i have minimized it its has been about a month for me with this and right now im doing pretty well so here it goes


some sort of astringent or cleaner 2x a day

10% benzoyle peroxide 2x a day

apple cider vinegar 1 a day(at night for me)

Retin-a(but it started clearing up without it)


mostly healthy foods


vitamin c tablet( works better than drinking lemon juice which wears away enamel)

apple cider vinegar tablets 2x a day same as above and tastes gross too

vitamin a tablets which r supposed to keep tissues clean


doxycyeline (i dont really know if its doing any thing or not)

ok so heres what i do on a daily basis

in the morning i use the astringent or cleaner

then the benzoyle peroxide

take my vitamins and other stuff

at night i take a shower and use a scrubber for my back

use the cleaner again

apply vinegar

then benzoyle peroxide

and a moistureizer every once in awhile

*********very important not to pick i have learned that i only have it on the top of my back where i pick i know its hard but it helps**********

*quick tip to get rid of those evil zits*

apply a hot cloth on the pimple for about 2 min

then alternate with a cold wash cloth

do that forabout 20-30 minutes it should flatten the pimple and bring the puss to the top.

and do that for about 2 days if its really bad it usually takes one for me.

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