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For years I have had bacne with dark scars and now that I am about to get married soon I am really trying to get rid of it b/c I want to wear a backless dress. This has not been a new challenge but something since middle school and I am now 26. I have no clue what to do to get rid of it. I have spent thousands on doctors treatments and nothing works. The most that I have used is 4% hydroquinone but I made the msitake of going out into the sun this past summer with a low sun block and the spots came back in 10 minutes. Ove the years I have used everything from Retinol to Cortisone shots. They are basic blemishes but are soo hard to get rid of more than likely becasue of my fair complexion. In addition my doctor has told me that it is harder for African Americans to get rid of scars. Any help would be great. I am willing to try anything becasue so far treatments are not working. This is my first time posting on any site but I do hope that some one has some experience with getting rid of acne scars. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am in the same boat as you and feel your pain. I'm 32 and have the same backne issues. I've been using a product called AcneFree to help control the acne, but am still looking for something to help with the scarring. I've tried Loreal's Acne Response Peel. It's help with the texture of my skin, but the dark marks are not going anywhere fast. I am considering laser peel or something to speed up the cell turnover . . I'll keep you posted.

Good luck!


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