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Anyone know is there any difference in the types of B-5 capsules you buy? I keep hearing that they're all the same or that one is better than another. What do you guys think is the best brand and where do i get it? I was just go buy it from GNC because that would be most convinient for me and it's 500mg like all the others.

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Try to go for D-pantothenic acid. Time released is ok, but not neccesary. Most manufacters actually get their B5 from the same farmaceutical companies (eg. Roche) anyway, so it's basically all the same with a different label and price on it. So you really don't have to pay close attention. 500mg / 1000mg pills are the most convenient. 250 grams is too little. Powder is even better.

Please remember to stick closely to the B5 "regimen": 10 grams a day, do not start with less. Some people report improvement at a dosage of 5 grams/day, but they are lucky ones. B5 is not toxic, there is no maximum dosage. 10 Grams could cause some diarhia (how do you spell that?), be sure to spread out usage over the day and drink water (not too much) and eat food when you take it. If your acne is moderate to heavy (big nodules), you might even want to consider cranking the dosage up to 20 grams. Stick with 10 for the time being.

Take 2.5 grams 4 times a day and you'll be allright.

Also, if you can get your hands on B5 powder: get it. Then go to a local farmaceutical shop, ask if you can get water-based neutral non comedogenic cream. Take all the cream, put 20% (weight percentage) B5 in it and apply to your face 4-6 times a day. This should greatly speed up recovery of your face. If you cant find the cream, or just dont have time:

add some water to the powder (not too much). You'll get a gelly substance. Apply to your face lightly and let it sit there. The B5 gets absorbed quite quickly but leave it on for a while. If it looks ridiculous remove it afterwards, but don't do this 100 times a day because all the water will greatly dry out your skin.

Third, stop using BP and any other topical medications. If you are on the B5 cream this will reduce its effectiveness.

Fourth (:(), Zinc supplementation (50mg a day) is also very beneficial and should be considered.

Fifth. I am still working on determining dosage, but a Biotin supplement seems to be beneficial in addition to B5. Check out safe dosage and take maximum per day.

And tell us how you're doing, we're very interested.

Good luck and if there are any questions, dont hesitate to ask :)


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I have been using the B-5 powder from www.acnemiracle.com in the B-5 section for 3 months exactly and it worked so well for my moderate/severe acne that I stopped the BP regimen quickly.

Their b-5 is high quality and it contains optizinc and they give you a free B-5 cream for topical use.

What I do is before every meal I take 1 teaspoon mixed with water 3 times a day (10 Grams a day roughly)

You will experience an initial breakout, I had one and it was pretty bad but don't get discouraged, after that your acne will get better and better.

I had bad acne for a long time and this year I found 2 things that work, Dan's B-5 regimen...

and the B-5 I have been using.

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it worked so well for my moderate/severe acne that I stopped the BP regimen quickly.

Hey man,

Glad to see it's working well for you! I haven't had an email update in a while, I was wondering if you gave up the B5!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays


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