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PureDeming Intense Gel Questions

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I read all the pinned items and recently bought the PureDeming Intense Gel R-ALA. I've been using it for about a week (six applications so far) and I like how it feels, etc. However, I went back and re-read stuff about the Intense Gels, and even though they were #1 for redmarks on the pinned item, I didn't really see too much saying they really helped. A few folks mentioned it, but it seems the Intense Gel's mostly helped people's skin overall, like the tone and such. Not neccessarily getting rid of the redmarks.

To give a little background, I am mostly clear at this point (a recent development, yay!). I have a few healing cysts and the rest is redmarks. The marks are mostly on my cheeks and chin. I put a thin layer of Intense Gel all over my face at night for about two hours, with heavier coverage in the areas with redmarks.

So - I was wondering if anyone has actually experienced a reduction in redmarks that they attribute to their Intense Gel, and how long they had to wait to see an improvement. I know it's silly to expect a radical change after a week, but I keep looking in the mirror to see if they're still there. (They are. :( )

Thanks in advance!

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Ive been using it for about three weeks and like you said my skin tone is overall much better, but redmarks havent really faded all that much. I am currently using the gel along with tretinoin. I am going to stop tretinoin for two weeks to try lactic acid peels which are scientifically proven to work. :pray: Hope this helps

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I have only done that once and it was when i was partying the night before and had to wake up early for work so it was really only on for like 3-4 hours. Id like to try it overnight when i sleep for like 8-10 hours but i dont wanna wake up with zits.

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I just picked up some pure intense gel r-ala. I am crossing my fingers that this works. Have you guys tried leaving the gel on all night?

I haven't, seems like it could get messy. Deming says its okay though, they just say to rub it into the skin for overnight use.

Anyone else have feedback on the effectiveness and timeline of this product, or are there just three of us?? :confused:

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it takes time it didnt really fade my marks completely but it made them hardly noticable after 2 months when i first started using i

also i left it on the entire night i didnt get any breakouts or anything while using it.

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