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I think this is the most relevant area, since laser/light treatments may be what I'm after.

Why is it so hard to get in to see a dermatologist?! I called 6 different places today, and no one is scheduling appointments until at least the end of Jan 2007, that's 2.5 months away. Some were as late as August 2007.

Is there any tricks to getting in early? I'll be paying cash, you'd think they could clear 15min for a consultation. I've never had to wait at my previous derm, but since moving to a different area I can't get in anywhere.

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Just THINK of how many people in this world have Acne/Facial Redness/Other type of skin diseases! A lot of people do. Dermatologists are always very busy.

Here's my advice. Find a GOOD Derm and schedule an appointment with them no matter how long the wait is. Once you get in that first time it's easy reschedule an appointment if necessary.

Just be patient! I had to wait 1.5 months for a derm appointment but it was well worth it.

Also when you go make sure you get your moneys worth. Tell them what you want and what you want done about it. YOU are the paying customer.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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I had to wait a little over a month and a half too. I don't think there's too much you can do. Even though it's only a short consultation, they've already booked the people just like you two months ago. If that makes sense. They're full because of normal patients and the new consults so even though you think you're not going to be that long, it doesn't matter how long you'd be since they're full.

The only thing that might help is if someone recommended a certain derm to you. You could possibly say that ABC, a patient of Dr. XYZ, recommended him. She said he was so great and you'd really like to make an appointment. If it's a family member (immediate family would be best), that might help too. One of my docs was totally booked until I explained that she saw my roommate. They let me in because I counted as "family" because we were at the same residence.

The waiting goes by a lot quicker than you think.

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That's no good. :( I used to get in within 2 days before I moved. Is there some kind of waiting list you can be put on in the event someone cancels their appointment on short notice usually? I guess that's what I meant by any tricks to getting in early. Also I would glady pay them double or more for a consult. within a week, that's how impatient I am, but I doubt they accept bribery. :evil:

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Honestly, I wouldn't go to a doctor that accepted a bribe like that, but that's just me. You could go ahead and make the regular appointment, but then explain that if there's a cancellation, your schedule is flexible and you could probably fill it. It doesn't matter how much you'll pay them, there is no space. If there is space, they would fit you in at the normal rate without you paying double. There are only so many appointments for new consults available, and they are booked. Impatience isn't going to do you much good here, sorry.

The only other possibility is if you had a more pressing skin problem perhaps. I don't know what that would be, but if you had something that was more urgent, you *might* be able to get in earlier. But you can't lie and say you think you have a cancerous mole and then show up with acne only. Nor can you make the appointment five minutes of mole and 45 minutes of acne. I give this suggestion with caution cause you'd actually need to have something more pressing than acne for that to work, and no lying.

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in countries that have derm appointments for free, it's usually a 2-3 month wait or more...

if you are in the US, paying in cash, I don't see why you would have to wait that long.

I agree with asking to go on the cancelation list, you will probably get a call back within a week!

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Just kidding about the bribe. :cool: Guess I'll just make the appointment, no idea if I'll actually be able to make it then.. hard to tell that far in advanced. I'll try to get on a cancelation list too, see what happens.

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