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Burt's Bees: I just dont get it!

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Hello, my name is May and this is my very first post. It's weird but i think one of the main reasons i joined this MB was to ask someone about Burt's Bees, since i dont personally know anyone that has used it other than myself.

after soooo many favorable reviews online, i just had to try burt's bees. it took me a long time, but i finally found a place where they sold it. i got their new royal jelly night cream and was sooo happy. *cries*

I SPENT $17 on that piece of sh!t!!!! ahh the murderous rage!

1. it is soooooo gross.

2. the consistency sucks, its like sticky yougurt thats been left out the hole day

3. IT STINKS! that smell is sooo strong. makes me wanna gag

4. makes my face soooo shiny! wtf? i dont wanna look like a bathed in cooking oil!

5. does nothing for my face. well.... unless you count the zits.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! so pissed

after this, i also got a lotion starter kit and that famous lip balm.... HORRID! the lotions smell like spoiled milk, and i actually think they might have been. also, after a while they ingredients began to separate. and that lip balm is hard, drying, expensive, and it BUUUURNS! :wall:

so, here is my question. how can people put up with this crap? specially at those prices? its grease in a jar. EXPENSIVE GREASE IN A JAR! and looking at those ingredients, all their stuff is filled w/ oil. that cannot be good for acne prone skin. so please tell me whats the deal?

:think: dont get it....

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I strongly reccomend you stay away from all burts facial products, they are bad, and make acne worse.

Their shampoo and deodorant are the bomb, but thats about all i use of theirs.....

I reccomend you use skincare with Glycolic acid, its the only thing that works for me.....I accually don't visit this board hardly ever because it works so good. try it!

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The only Burt's Bees products I like are the almond hand cream and the lemon cuticle butter. I wouldn't put ANY of their stuff on my face for any amount of money.

Packaging and marketing are very seductive. Don't be fooled.

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I like their coconut foot creme and the HONEY lip balm. The regular one has peppermint oil in it which is why it's so drying/stinging/irritating.

I wouldn't use any of their facial products - they are not designed for acne prone skin.

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I've never tried Burt's Bees facial products and never would since I don't care for many of their ingredients, but I do :wub: Burt's Bees Green Tea & Fennel Seed Shampoo & Conditioner. It smells divine and makes my hair so shiny!

Most natural products are different from chemical heavy commercial products. Keep in mind if you take away the perfume, the chemicals, the harsh detergents, you often have a runny looking product that has a shorter shelf life and may not smell good depending on the ingredients.

BB products are much cheaper if you can purchase them from a co-op.

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i used the burts bees poppy seed facial stuff the other night. it made my face feel really nice. i didnt see any new pimples when i got up in the morning. but now that i read what you guys are saying i might not use it! my sister got me one of their like kit things that has a bunch of stuff in it.

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I'm going to be a dissenting voice here, 'cause I've actually had a lot of luck with Burt's Bees. That said, I would definitely NOT use the radiance night creme -- it's designed for older, very dry skin. I'm not surprised you hated it so much! Burt's moisturizers are very rich, and I use their very lightest body lotion (designed for babies) as a facial moisturizer.

I've used Burt's Bees soap, cleanser, exfoliant, toner, and blemish stick for several years now with great results, so I can attest that they do work for some people. Oils are not necessarily bad for oily skin, btw. I steer away from their makeup and from their heavy creams, but I've found things that work for my skin and continue to use them. I think that's the trick here, as always -- everyone's skin is different, and what's great for one person might be awful for another. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! Just try to figure out what your skin needs and wants -- apparently a heavy night cream is not it :) You may not have to write off a whole line of products -- just the stuff that's designed for skin that's very different from yours (and the stuff that you think smells gross, of course!).

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I can't stand any of their products either which is a little odd, I guess, considering all of the people that absolutely love them. I haven't had any success with a single product of theirs.

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