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I need help really badly! I cannot stand this anymore! I want to cry :(:wall:

Please, I need someone who has been on this for over two years to help me... someone like Dan.

Okay here is my problem...

I started wtih the regimen back in July 2004... So in other words... OVER TWO YEARS AGO!!!! And everything worked sweet! Yes, I had trials at the beginning! It didn't take me until about September 2004 to really see my face clear up. But after that I had baby skin~! It was incredible. People that I would just meet would comment on my skin and go 'wow your skin is so beautiful!!!! I wish i had skin like that!"

They would be shocked when I told them I used to have acne!!!

Anyways it was great like this until about September 2005. For about a month I was stupid and stopped using the regimen... and I broke out! In late october/november I re-ordered more and started using it again... But I ordered it when that new stuff came out, and there were some dodgy ones, and it made my skin go to the crap!!! So then... Dan, you brought out new stuff again and I started using that.. My skin started looking good again, not as good as the first time, but at least it was okay.

In July this year I ran out of the gel, had no money, couldn't order some more.

Skin broke out.

I looked like hell.

So I manage to get more in late August... been using it since then... and my skin has gotten worst!! It is terrible! It has never been like this before!!! I'm in so much pain and agony, i have all these big pimples all over my face , the white ones... I am all red, it's KILLING ME. It is now NOVEMBER and it isn't getting better!!! I have just finished my 4th tube and i look like CRAP!!!

Help me!!!

What is happening?

I'm doing the exact same thing as I did from the very beginning!!!!

I do still love ya though Dan.. just frustrated right now.

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Do you think maybe the Gel is completely different than the beginning?

Or perhaps it's cos I'm using Dan's cleanser... I use to use Cetaphil cleanser.. maybe I should go back to Cetaphil????


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I'm not Dan. And I haven't been on the Regimen for two years yet (almost!), but I'll offer my two cents here until he comes.

First thing is to read the biggest mistakes page and see if anything applies to you: http://www.acne.org/biggestmistakes.html

Next thing, be sure you are using the full amount of BP. Many times people slack off after awhile and don't even realize it. Also, are there any other factors that may be different this time around? New makeup? New source of irritation? (scruffy boyfriend?) Any hormonal factors such as birthcontrol pills?

If all checks out okay, then I'd say go back to what you were using in the beginning and go from there. Essentially start all over with the exact products and routine you were doing initially that got you clear the first time.

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Do you think maybe the Gel is completely different than the beginning?

Or perhaps it's cos I'm using Dan's cleanser... I use to use Cetaphil cleanser.. maybe I should go back to Cetaphil????


And you're doing the exact same thing as you use to? I personally use the Cetaphil cleaner for sensitive skin, it works like a charm: no irritation at all.

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this is wierd because about a year ago my skin was damn near perfect and now its horrible and i been doing the regimen for 2 or more years now and all of a sudden its not working that great and im not slacking on it at all in any area...

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Stop, breathe in, breathe out. :) Everything will be ok. Go back to using the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. If you read the reviews on Dan's Cleanser, a few people have experienced heavy breakouts. You may be one of the unfortunate few who can't use the new cleanser. Follow the regimen religiously - (AM & PM) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Dan's BP - dry 15 mins, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Nothing else. You know the drill. :)

I swear by changing my sheets/pillowcases/towels twice a week, always wearing a clean shirt, and drinking plenty of water. I wash all my makeup brushes every other week. Wash your hands several times throughout the day and try to keep your hands off your face.

Other possibilities: climate, makeup, hair, BCP, other meds, allergies, cigarettes, hormonal changes.

What exactly is your regimen?

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The gel is practically identical, so it's not that. Lemme ask a few questions. I've been doing some research lately.

1. Are you on any prescriptions?

2. pregnant? kids? If so, when did you have your last kid?

3. 7-10 days before a period is when acne can be worst. just fyi.

4. started using new cosmetics? using anything with isopropyl myristate in it?

5. stressed out about something on the horizon?

6. sleeping ok? started working nightshift?

7. started taking new supplements like a new multi-vitamin? Does it have iodine or kelp in it? For that matter, have you been eating kelp perchance?

Joel and I are working on a 40 or so question questionaire that we'll have up hopefully soon that will ask people these questions and give advice depending on how they answer.

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Hey guys!

Thanks so much for responding!

I'm feeling more positive again..

What I have done is... I stopped doing the regimen for a bit. About to run out on my last tube anyways... so I'm giving it a break.. I have ordered some more so once that arrives in the mail i'll be right back onto it again!

this time I'm going to treat it like I'm a newbie.

I'm back to Cetaphil face wash, as I felt that worked best for me.

I'm not going to use cetaphil moistorizor no more.. i don't like it. But I found a really good Australian brand (i'm aussie ;))... so I'll give that a go.

I'm excited!

Clear skin here we come!

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The gel has changed and I don't believe it's suitable for everybody, I tried it once for a few weeks and my skin was sore and a total mess. I changed back to Oxy on the spot and it cleared up right away.

Oxy on the spot is 2.5% BP, I don't know whether I'm allergic to Dans gel or what, it must be one of the ingredients in it that causes such a bad reaction and the strangest thing is, I don't have sensitive skin. I've not tried the new stuff because I simply don't want to risk screwing my skin up again.

So the first step I'd take would be to try another brand BP.

Good luck

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