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(UK)How much is accutane privately (roughly) - inc. blood tests etc?

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Basically I REALLY cant wait for accutane... I've been referred to a derm. on the NHS.

I'd love to do it privately to speed things up. Yet I dont have a great deal of money and dont know if I could affort it privately.

So if you guys could give me a rough idea that would be appreciated.

I asked my GP and she didnt know how much it costs privately. GREAT help in that respect.

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If you've been referred to a derm on the NHS why dont you pay to go to the first appointment privately - i did and instead of waiting 3months for my first appointment i was seen after a week - downside was it cost me £100..... but she put me on her NHS clinic and within a month i was on accutane.... well worth the £100. The accutane is an expensive drug - so if you go to your first derm appt privately ask to be put back on the NHS cause you cant afford the drug...

Just give your GP a ring and tell them you want to be seen quicker and are willing to pay to be bumped up the list...... they should easily be able to sort it.

good luck!! :)

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Hi, I am in the UK also, and am in the 2nd month of roaccutane.

I also went private for my first appointment, fully expecting to continue to pay. I waited a month for this appointment. When I got there the derm agreed I should start Roaccutane. However, the cost he quoted for 70mg for four months was £2000. So he referred me to an NHS derm which took only one more month to get an appointment. In my area (oxford), he said the waiting times between private and NHS were much the same ( a fact my GP was unaware of). My advice would be to get the NHS referral, see what wait you get, and if it is ages away, then try to get a private appointment ( transfer to NHS after that appointment)

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I just paid £45 for 1 month of 20mg of roaccutane - i've gone private too and although i have private health care to pay for consultations/bloods, i have to pay for the prescriptions.

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