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When I started getting some nose bleeds, I used vaseline at night before going to bed and it really helped. As far as using it for dry skin, I'm not too sure but lots of people use aquaphor (similar to vaseline). Good luck!

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After letting my Dermatologist know that the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion was making my skin extremely red, she recommended I use Vaseline instead. Has anyone else tried this option? I'm thinking it might reverse the effects of Accutane, seeing as how Vasaline is a bit on the greasy side; it'll feel like I'm spreading grease on my face.

She also said I could use Vaseline for my dry nose. Anyone have any experience with this as well?

Thanks in advance. ^_^

I'd recommend trying some other lotions on the face before vaseline. Vaseline is so greasy. One product that is pretty heavy duty (like vaseline), is Eucerin (in the jar/tub). It is thick and doesn't spread easily, but isn't quite as greasy on the skin as plain vaseline, but it really works well on super dry skin. I use plain Curel lotion on my face and it works great.

For the nose and lips, vaseline works as well as anything in my experience. As an alternative, Aquafor is a similar product (petrolatum), but seems to be a little easier to apply and works great.

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I just want to praise Vaseline that cured my acne!

Let me begin by saying that I had been suffering from acne for over 10 years, and I tried everything short of Accutane. Even lasers!

I was constantly on Retin-A to keep my pores somewhat unclogged, and I also was taking huge doses of Aldactone. I was praying for something that could work without posing health risks (like Aldactone, which messes with your hormones). And I finally decided to try Vaseline, and the bravery of it was comparable with when I first jumped from a plane... Seriously, it felt scary, I thought I would have pizza face next day and for the next few weeks. This is how every single cream and lotion (oil-free included) affect my skin! Now I know the reason (they all have stearic acid or other ingredients that PENETRATE the pores, thus clogging them!). Well so long story short, my skin was so horrible when I first tried the Vaseline, that I felt I had nothing to loose. And miraculously, it not only healed it, but also, after weeks of using it, I have no single clogged pore on the parts of my face where I ALWAYS get them (especially close to a certain time of the month!) Well, NONE! No breakouts either, and the scars are fading too! I almost completely stopped using Retin-A and also Aldactone I only take one pill once in about 4 days (I used to take 3 times every day for years, or else, my face would be catastrophic!) So please believe me - I want to help. I wish someone told me that earlier - actually, one girl with extremely clear face, when I asked her what she is using, told me she uses Vaseline, I thought "lucky her, she CAN use it because she has such an amazing skin, but I can only imagine what it can do to mine..." And she did mention that only Vaseline helped her with her acne (that I didn't believe at all). So what I do is completely crazy - it totally contradicts ALL the dermatological science. I put a very thick layer of Vaseline all over my face, including the days when I am going to work out. I think that it creates a sort of sauna and dissolves any gunk and oils. I seriously had no white or black head in a month. I only am crying for all those wasted year of the acne battle, but am so grateful. IT CANNOT CLOG YOUR PORES!!! It simply can't! Because it stays on top of your skin, it does not penetrate! It is like a mask. So nothing is going into your pores, but it DISSOLVES what is IN them! Please try it - you will be amazed!

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