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Guest mr_eusly

Severe Acne Health Help

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Guest mr_eusly

I have recommended a few things. They are all from different sources. I have no interest in them or their companies, manufacturers, or crafters, if herbal, other than I really think people need to be educated on this subject and not let the dermatology industry brainwash people into spening thousands with them, while taking dangerous drugs. If you do choose that route, however, research the horror stories of those drugs so you can only blame yourself in the end, as it is not fair for the rest of us who study everything to know better tohave to hear about it.

If you pick at your scars, read this paragraph. If not, skip to the next. First, ask yourself why you squeeze your acne. Only you can answer the whys of it. You know it is wrong and that it may cause permanent scarring, yet you still do it. Why? Boredom, depression, the itching and/or pain is more unbearable than the possibility of scarring? If you are doing it because you feel the need to sabotage your image (skin, face, etc.), consider delving deeper into that. Perhaps you somehow feel you don't deserve to be beautiful. Perhaps it is an obsesive compulsive behavior that you absolutely cannot stand to not "try" to get rid of it immediatley, rather than have patience and trust that it will, in time, take its course and the inflammation will go down. Make a pact with yourself to be good to your skin. Then reward yourself at the end of each day (after the last trip to the bathroom, so you are not tempted to pass by the mirror, again). Some people feel positive affirmations are hokey, but negativeness leads to depression. Don't tell yourself if you do squeeze or pick at your face you will be scarred and ugly. Instead, tell yourself that each time you don't do it, you will become more attractive. Both statements are true, but the positive one gives you courage and excitement for wanting to make a change, while the negative one almost sets you up to fail, as it is hard to quit something with a negative attitude. Don't let fear run your life, let passion!

Remember, you are a pure, organic human being. Don't pollute your body, as it is not designed to thrive on a bad diet. An elimination overload will take place, in that case, and since your skin is the largest organ, it will be forced to aid the liver in the elimination of toxins. Enter white/black/purple/and redheads, as well as their idols, whom they strive to be like- cysts! Topical stuff is fine (and popular because it is easy to do), but to get to the root of the problem, topicals are almost a waste of time. Don't believe me? Do you think a four year old will get cysts if he/she doesn't wash their face with Proactive? Give me a break, they are off their mama's hormones and have not junked up their body, yet. That is the real reason.

I recommend the book Healthy Healing by Linda Page, as it was my bible when I worked at my mom's health food store, before she sold it. I continue to constantly refer to this book for next to everything from pregnancy to prostate. Most health food stores will let you take notes from their copy, as they know that education amongst their customers equates to an increase in sales. Your library may have a copy, if you choose not to purchase one. I used to loan my copy to my friends if they would ask me for advice. After a month, I would ask them if I could please get my book back and if it helped. Most of them didn't even open it and the ones that did never brought themselves to do any of the recommendations. If laziness is your problem, don't bother reading anymore. Everyone from cancer patients to acne sufferers want a magic pill to "disolve" their problems. Neglect of the body and overexposure of radicals and toxins, for whatever reason, are the very reasons why they are plagued with many health problems. So why should a one time pill undue years of neglect? If we want something, we need to work hard for it. If we don't want to work hard for it, we don't deserve to have it. So, complain about it if you have faithfully tried everything that is "free". If you haven't tried...your problem is psychological-see a specialized doctor for a self-sabotaging disorder.

Free routine, or at least no more than you would normally spend on groceries: (based on Healthy Healing by Linda Page)

Drink water. (Elimination of toxins)

Eliminate acne triggering foods: shellfish, foods high in iodine, white flour foods, sugar, fried foods, fatty dairy, soft drinks (incl. diet), chocolate, hard cheeses, nightshade plants (tomatos, tobacco, peppers, egplant), refind foods (processed), peanut butter, red meat (eat turkey, chicken or vegtable protein instead-make certain the turkey and chicken are raised without hormones, as they mimic hormones in your body!)

Eat Fiber, especially from fresh foods like greens, whole grains, brown rice, sprouts, apples...

Cleanse your body: apple, papaya, carrot and pineapple juices, japanese green tea (daily), more water.

Suppliment your diet with vitamin c and acidophilus if you are taking antibiotics for acne.

Avoid anything harmful to your liver, including antibiotics, if at all possible. Anything your liver cannot handle, your skin will 'try' to eliminate. It would be beneficial to everyone, especially acne sufferers to do a liver detox program (esp. with milk thistle seed extract).

Stop taking street drugs. Tweakers and other drug users are notorious for having flareups- the body's way of eliminating toxins.

Sleep Hormone levels and sebum levels are elevated when the body's sleep is disrupted. Sleep more to combat this.

Breath fresh air, exersize (brisk walk is enough) and get sunshine everyday, if possible.

Remede double oxygenating booster Expensive, but it helps, especially if you are not willing to do the free stuff.

Dr. Diamond makes Herpanacine for cystic acne and other skin related problems. Take 3-6 daily, depending on severity.

Ledum palustre can be used for minor breakouts, once cystic acne is cleared up. Follow directions for dosing.

Here are some testimonials for Herpanacine.: (from Dr. Diamond's website)

"I am amazed at the results I have gotten after only a short time with Herpanacine. I tried virtually everything for my severe cystic acne. Nothing helped, and many products made my problem worse. I used to have many large lumps under my skin that were there all the time. It was humiliating and very worrisome... Then I saw an ad for your product and thought it was worth a try. The results were not dramatic instantaneously, rather, I slowly noticed a decrease in large pimples and new cystic bumps. Then I noticed the larger lumps under my skin were gradually disappearing. They are now completely gone!! I still get little breakouts, but they are now just tiny pimples for the most part which are gone within a day. My complexion as a whole is still improving; no more red, mean-looking, irritated skin. It is positively astounding what your product has done for my face. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!" — Christine F. of Hartford, Connecticut

"Very good results after my first year of using Herpanacine... Getting better every day. Best product I have ever used for acne." — Edwin L. of Statesville, North Carolina

"I wrote you several months ago about how severe my condition was, and about the pain I suffered with. How I went to every kind of doctor and dermatologists and I wasn't any better. Well, thanks to God and your wonderful formula Herpanacine, which I take faithfully, I have improved 100%. My face no longer hurts. I no longer go to the doctors or dermatologists. I feel like a new person and my depression is so much better because I feel good again. Thank you so very much for Herpanacine, and for caring enough to make a formula that would cure the problem instead of covering it up. I will continue to take Herpanacine forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you and all your staff. Please use my letter as a testimonial. I hope it can help someone else who is suffering and they will have the same relief and joy I have." — Betty B. of Boaz, Alabama

Final Recommendations

Research, study, and learn everything you put into your body. You will find that Big Food companies (you know, like Big Tobacco and Big Oil, and don't forget Pharm/Drug Companies) make it impossible to eat right. It is cheaper for them, although costly on your health to you, and much of the food contains ingredients that make you hungry and unsatisfied (No one can eat just one...) Keep your acne free chin up, though! Start looking out for you and your health. I know you think that acne is the most important thing to resolve, at this time, but remember, if your body is really out of whack, what else is happening in there? You can't see everything on the outside, you know! Keep on a fresh food diet of organic or natural (in the case of meat) and avoid those chemicals and food additives/preservatives and enhancers. They do nothing to add to/preserve & enhance your looks and actually do the opposite. There is an end in sight. Pass on your examples and share with those who you feel might actually "try" to do something about their health. And yes, this is a health issue! Be healthy!

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