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going to st kitts

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and it's going to be sunny.

and since I live in cold dark sweden and am not at all used to a lot of sun I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations regarding the regimen

should I even bring the bp? it says on the box that I shouldn't be getting to much sun while on it.. maybe only using it at night?

also, I would prefer to not avoid the sun completely, don't want to come back as pale as I went :)

so I guess I'm going to need a good sunscreen..

umm. what else should I think about? it would be completely devastating to have 2 months of hard work ruined in a ~week..

would be very thankful for any answers!

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I too have had sun shock (Switzerland to L.A.), so I can help. :)

You should bring your BP, because the sun sensitivity is really only a problem if you aren't going to wear any SPF. You already said you plan on sunscreen, so BP is fine underneath it. Even if you didn't use sunscreen, you could still use BP at night.

I'd recommend an SPF 30 if possible, but at least 15 is important. I'm not sure what kind of selection you have in Sweden, so go with whatever is least likely to break you out. Also, with an SPF 15 you can still get some color, if paleness bothers you.

Hope I helped a bit!

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