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BeeBo x3

Accutane w/out prescription

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i`ve heard some of you have gotten accutane without prescription and have taken it on your own..

where did u get it from?

i am considering taking a very minimal dose to control my acne because i`m so tired of creams and other topicals that really dry out my skin and dont work well but for a few weeks.

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Please do not take Accutane without a prescription. You really need to see a derm and get the required monthly bloodwork, and be under a doctor's supervision....

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Acne.org does not condone this practice. It's both dangerous and illegal. Thread closed.

If you want or need an acne prescription, see a doctor and get it legally. If you get prescriptions illegally online you could easily hurt yourself or waste your money.

- Independent studies have been performed on the sale of Internet-bought prescriptions. Often the prescription contains no active ingredient, little active ingredient, or in a worst case scenario toxic amounts of active ingredient.

- Drugs bought without a prescription can actually be a completely different compound from what the buyer intends.

Acne.org prohibits the illegal trade of any form of drug or prescription drug. If you see a post from someone selling a prescription, please report it immediately. Thanks.

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