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There are several threads and one big on you can read on this.

Just thought many would want to try it as a toner.

I was getting real oily, and tried it out, it slowed oil production down by alot.

And I dont know if people would agree wih this, but I did ACV 1/2 & 1/2 with water and added a Tbsp. of real vinegar to it and it tones and removes oils for much longer than other toners.

Thats all, the posts on it are good!!!!

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I also use it as a toner and I love it. It is especially good on chest acne. My chest gets really oily and the ACV lifts it right off!

Hey betty, my car is called Betty too! Just thought I would share that with you! :lol:

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Yes, ACV is remarkable. My current regimen experiment is simple:

- 60-100 second soak in hot water

- 50-50 ACV/Water to entire face thoroughly

- Tea tree oil for potential pimples

So far it has no less than killed my oil production. So far I have only had two pathetic attempts at pimples on my chin, both of which were easily handled. Better performance to date than CSR and everything else I have tried. Seems like a topical Accutane, at least in my regard.

I am also experimenting with my body acne. I take 100% ACV and stick it in a spray bottle cutting the feeder tube down so I have turn it upside down easily, and spray it all over my back, chest, and tush. I do not have bad body acne, but it is present and this might just oust it.

I will still be trying Jojoba, though, but ACV looks promising indeed.

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