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Diet and acne...always a winner ;)

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Everyone here is already discussing the effects of healthy diet and acne :D Ive since went Low GI and ALSO low Glycemic load too in a bid to rid myself of acne.

Currently im on Yasmin, Skin has improved but i put it down to my change of diet as the Yasmin hasnt really kicked in yet.


The study above shows some promise and remember give it 3 months at least, during the first month your going to keep breaking out but it WILL make a difference if you keep at it.

The Glycemic load is just as important as eating low Gi remember. Here is a list of glycemic load for common foods.


Remember its NOT just for weight loss its balancing your blood sugar levels which prevent extra androgens reaking havoc on your system. You CAN NOT slip up at all on this even ONCE, all you need is one sugar spike and more acne. You will only loose weight to a NORMAL level because its HEALTHY eating not a diet of starvation as such.

Another study I found is...


The question is are you willing to change your diet for clear skin? Some people that have acne have insulin resistant skin - THIS "WAY OF EATING" changes this.

The main principles are eat every 3 hours, never go longer than 4.

Combine protein with EVERY MEAL (handful almonds, nuts, slice turkey/chicken etc)..especially fruit.

Look at the Glycemic load links and base your meals around this, Glycemic load includes the WHOLE meal, Its not just GI that must be taking into account.

So far ive been doing this just under a month, and improvement is beginning. Im staying on Yasmin for 4-6 months, but WILL continue eating this way so when I come of Yasmin I will not be back to square one.

My typical day would be......

BREAKFAST - 8am 50g serving Porridge, handful whole almonds, sliced raspberries/strawberries (or both :D ) and 2 tablespoons of PLAIN NATURAL yogurt, I prefer "Onken". (www.onken.co.uk)

LUNCH - 12pm Tortilla, with Chicken, Onion

SNACK - 3pm 250g Natural Onken Yoghurt (Thats half a pot :shock: hehe and sliced raspberries, strawberries and almonds) and an Apple. NEVER buy yoghurt with fruit! Natural is better the carb content is similar to the protein content add your OWN fruit!

DINNER - 6pm Chicken with seasoning, grilled or baked. HALF a plate of vegetables MINIMUM and ONE (or two SMALL) sweet potatoes....yes thats all the potatoes - we eat waaaaay to many!!!

SNACK - 9pm Peanuts/Almonds/Slice chicken/Spoonful Peanuts Butter and an Apple. I dont like peanut butter but for those that do it supplies protein to make sure apple digests slower.

This is the reason why my HIGH fruit diet made me break out MORE ..and I thought I was being "HEALTHY".

This is the reason why my Potato and Veg dinner (no meat) was just as bad as the fruit one.

Give it a try, you can say your going to be exactly hungry can you???!

Good luck everyone! Patience is the key!


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