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Once in awhile I get this weird pimple around my mouth/jaw area. It starts off as a small soft bump and I ice it and BP it but it never stops and then it'll grow bigger and grow a very small whitehead in the center. Then it turns hard on the outside and eventually peels off leaving a soft bump under it. It always does this and the leftover bump takes awhile to disappear. Anyone know how to stop this fiend? Thanks.

IPB Image

Now it's currently in the hard outer covering phase.

Also, that bump below it has been there for awhile. Anyone know what it is. I think it's a scar not sure.

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Even when I am clear everywhere else, the below-the-lip area seems to produce stalwart little suckers. I usually just wait until they get to whitehead stage, then carefully needle and drain, then do a 100 second soak in hot water and cover it. I used to cover with BP, but now I am experimenting with tea tree oil. In fact, I had one of them this morning, and tea treeing it made it swiftly give up the ghost.

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Well as I was washing up for bed, the hard scabby part started peeling off so I carefully removed it and now it's a bump. The whitehead came off with the scab and looked like it was very shallow and not deep at all. There's no open wound or anything. Now it looks like I have another red bump pimple right under where the scab was. Sigh. I'm icing it and hopefullyit's better tomorrow.

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