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I just bought some aloe vera gel. I'm wondering if anyone knows if is helps acne and/or scarring. Also, how do you use it? It makes my skin very tight so one night I tried putting it on right before bed and leaving it on all night. That seemed fine.



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I think plain aloe vera would work better. Just buy an aloe vera plant and cut it open and use the liquid that comes out. As for the application of it, I've never used it for acne but I have used it for sunburns and just liberally applied it whenever. I would think using it at night before bed would be better for you so you wouldn't really notice the tightening of your skin. I really don't know whether or not it helps with acne though...

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since you already have the gel (hopefully a good one like fruit of the earth), just apply it at night or whenever you have a few hours to let it sit. It's kinda heavy and you can feel it on there, and can feel it cooling.

It worked pretty well for my acne, like swelling and redness went down.

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A woman at work told me to try this. she said use a plant. So I went to home depot, bought some aloe vera plants and gave it a try. It seemed to work good at 1st, but it wasn't nearly effective enough. I think the plant form is the best form of aloe vera though.

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