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leverage's TAZORAC journal

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So I quit the acne cure since I wasn't seeing any results and began TAZORAC. I know it takes a while to start seeing improvement but I wanted to start a journal to keep track for myself and maybe if anyone else was interested.



10/27/03 -

Started tazorac. During the week noticed no drying the first 5 days and improvement of existing acne. Had some very tiny whiteheads popup which went away in a day. Drying started on day 6 and was pretty bad. Started to flake pretty bad and face felt very tight.


11/03/03 -

Drying continues, and have broken out a little bit. This is to be expected so I am not as upset about it. Will try to apply more moisturizer throughout the day and have switched to purpose cleanser from using SA and Glycolic in the morning.

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So the start of week 3. Well, I broke out at the beginning of week two, but a TON has cleared. My forehead was a mess and now I just have the monster one left over that is improving, but slowly. My jawline was horrible and now I can actually turn my head without it hurting smile.gif my face looks a lot better but I know it is still early and have some work to do. Very upbeat about this though as my face isn't irritated hardly at all by the tazorac cream and it seems to be working. My texture is also greatly improved, that is, you can't feel the zits forming underneath that I always would before. Will keep you all posted.

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- 11/17/03

So the start of week 4 and I can say I'm pretty happy. I still have a few problem spots that are healing. The good thing is if I get a new zit, it will die and clear up in a few days and not hang around before. The first few weeks I seemed to break out in a spot, clear, and then breakout in a different spot. I assume this was due to my pores unclogging. Also, since I usually go out and have fun on the weekends I would almost always breakout mon/tuesday. Seems like this has died down mostly as well. This week should be a test because I went out and drank this past weekend. Still flaking somewhat but it is defnitely not horrible, makes me feel as if it is working better when I shed a little. Well, will keep everyone posted. If it keeps going at this rate I will be one very happy camper after a few more weeks even.

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WEEK 5 & 6


Well, there really isn't any active acne on my face anymore. If I look reaaaaal hard I could maybe find a few tiny ones, but what's the point?? Even if I eat crap food where I would always break out worse it seemed, I still stay clear. All I have to worry about now is fading the red marks from leftovers, and hoping that this stays effective in the summer/humid months. My face isn't really dry per-se but it still flakes alot, I try to keep moisturized though. To anyone who didn't have luck with anything else, please give taz a whirl. I'm one HAPPY camper.

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I've been using tazorac for about 2 months now and yes, it does work wonders. My face has no active acne except for this giant painful cyst right between my two eyebrows =D> =D> =D> !!!!! I'm starting to use the tape method to get rid of the scars left behind. I'm hoping that it will improve the overall complexion of my face. I've tried Retin A Micro, which didn't help at all, [-X Retin A, which was inconsitently good, and then I finally tried tazorac.....which is good. Also, I drink a lot of water everyday.

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