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I found something that works but..........

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Hi all. I started getting severe acne right out of high school. So for about the last 5 years I have been through hell. I have been diagnosed with depression. I have seen a psychiatrist and seem to be getting better. I have absolutely no self esteem left. I have tried EVERYTHING. From accutane to proactive to birth control to acne gels. Thats just to name a few. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments that were suppossed to rid me of my acne. Nothing worked. I have lost most of my friends because I never want to go out. I am now labeled a snob and bitch. They dont understand. I am afraid of telling them how I feel. I feel pathetic. I am constantly hiding my face. I hate the way ppl look at me and say, "shes so pretty but too bad about the acne." They seem to think that I dont take care of my face. Which is hardly the case.

Recently I started using head and shoulders as a body wash. Although I dont have body acne my skin felt so much smoother. You know when you shower with hot water and you get a temporary rash on your chest and back? Well when I used head and shoulders I didnt get that. I thought to myself, well if it works for my body, why not my face? At the time I was using minocycline and even with that I was breaking out quite a bit. So I started using head and shoulders about a week ago and my face is 100% acne free. So my question to you wonderful ppl is, should I continue using head and shoulders on my face? I mean it is still a shampoo. Do you think this is bad in the long run? I dont know what to do. I have finally found something that is working and Im not even sure if I should be using it. I dont want to ask a derm because they always try to sell me there products and trust me Ive bought enough of them. None of them work. No offense to anyone but derms are only after your money. Thats my opinion. I have been to 3 and they always make me buy the most expensive product. In the long run I am left with no money and still have acne on my face. Head and shoulders has also noticeably reduced my redness. Any info or advice would be great guys. Thank you.

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Ionil T anti dandruff shampoo has salcyclic acid 2 or 5%, which is a good acne treatment. I think Head and Shoulders has the same, so it will work against acne if you use it. I recommend that you use it for your hair, perhaps even body and get some proper salcyclic acid 2% cream or wash for your face.

My advice. Read all you can about scientifically proven acne treatments. Any other treatments, which have also been tested, don't show any sign of reducing acne. At least you'll have a base. Don't like me think that because you tried something that it doesn't work. I found out that I was just using the products wrong. I was putting acid on my face, which dissolves the skin a bit and not washing it off. The skin was then clogging my pores and causing more acne. So if you use acid i.e. glycolic, salicyclic or bp then you have to 1. stick to a strict regimen and 2. wash them off properly. I also always recommend combination therapy. That is using BP, AHA and BHA together. Know what each products does and how to use it properly. If you already know or have done all this then ignore that. Also remember that these products are scientifically proven to work on approx 80% of people with acne, so for most people desparate enough to be on this website (the other 20%) they have little chance of working alone. Also don't go for the brands, go for the products inside them.

Note that none of these products will ever get rid of your acne. They only maintain your acne. So it's like excercise, you need to do it for the rest of your life.

As for the depression. If you are like me you will have acne for the rest of your life. No point wasting it indoors, slouching on the couch (and I've been there too). You have to forget what anyone else thinks of you. If you want people to be attracted to you, you have to do something for yourself. Take up a sport, go dancing, throw yourself into your job/school, start a business, get stuck into doing charitable work, help others, go bike riding, swimming, cooking, cleaning, whatever you like......No one is going to do this stuff for you, you've got to go out there and do it yourself. It's not a big deal if you succeed or fail at any of these things. When people see you are doing something they will want to be with you acne or no acne. Take care of yourself. Don't worry if people think you are a snob, bitch, silly, selfish...Generally try to be happy with the situation as it is. e.g. You have acne, a big belly, slouching on the couch watching TV indoors for 2 weeks without speaking to anyone, bills are piling up...Well thats the situation, so what, be content with that. Who knows you might just find Mr "handsome if it wasn't for his acne".

Just try to get through the next 5 minutes if you can good, then go for 5 more. If you are still here then ok.

People who put you down, have their own problems and they put other people down in order to feel better about themselves.

Don't worry about losing friends, new friends will come and fill their place, there may even be times in your life when it seems you don't have any friends, other times it'll be like your the flavour of the month. You've got to stand on your own two feet.

Also 5 years out of school and like most people you've proberly just grown out of "going out" i.e. to pubs, bars, night clubs etc. It may have nothing to do with acne or depression.

I've proberly said too much. But I hope something helps.

All the best.

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It's the zinc in Head and Shoulders. It's the same reason why some people use that baby cream with 37% zinc as a spot treatment.

What baby cream is that?

I'm interested in trying any zinc products that I can.

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