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recommandations for colon cleanse?

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I buy plain 100% natural metamucil psyllium husk, the course kind. No flavors or anything, stay away from the "orange" flavored ones, they contain aspartmane and I got sick while using that (why would you want to poison the body while doing a cleanse, its stupid). I take it at least once or twice a day anyway, but when doing a cleanse I up it to three times a day (once before each meal). I drink TONS of water and for meals I stick to small, simple, healthy. LIke vegetable soups, steamed veggies, brown rice, green tea, and lots of fruit. I find eating a lot of prunes to be especially helpful as they have a natural laxative effect and are also full of potassium and anti oxidants. I stay away from dairy products while doing a cleanse too, as they are harder to digest. I do this usually about three days while on the special diet and then up to 2-3 weeks with the high amount of fiber, but I slowly relax my diet back to normal over that time.

You can buy a lot of different "Cleasing sets" online or in health food stores but I havent messed with those too much...some of them contain harsh laxatives and Im not sure how healthy they are. There is plenty of info online about cleansing too and lots of other types/methods. You just have to play around and see what makes you feel good and what works with you and your lifestyle (a lot of people, me included cant take off two weeks of work to fast or do some of those harsher cleanses, so I just do it naturally).

Good Luck. :)

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Im doing the Oxy-Powder cleanse presently. Bought it ages ago, and thought it may as well get used.

Its pretty simple, however I may have this a bit wrong, but the jist is: it reacts to your digestive fluids mainly in the stomach so as to produce oxygen that bubbles its way through your digestive track. Alot less scary thing that it may sounds. I am taking 6 capsules an hour before bed, I was originally doing it just before bed but i think being vertical may be of some limited assistance in the process.

Upon waking initially I really needed the loo, and somewhat unsurprisingly it was a very easy bowel movement. Been on it for a few days now and it takes an hour or so of being up and awake for me to need the loo. Don't know whether that’s a good sign.

Got a bit of a headache from it and feel a bit rubbish, I assume it just a detox reaction, or 'healing crisis' to use the euphemism.

Things that I have found helpful with this are: taking the capsules with some very lemon'ed up water. The acidic helps the process. And then continuing to drink loads of water through out the day, for obvious reasons.

I think I will do this for another 10days of so.

I have bought the Colonix kit, which is both intestinal and anti-parasite. However I think i need to work my way up to it as my body is a pretty polluted place and I have always had intestinal/bowel movement problems (has scans and there’s nothing wrong in the strict sense).

I think the poster who buys psyllium husk in bulk has the right idea. As with most things you are paying for the packaging and branding, the psyllium is at the core of most natural cleansers.

Go to www.curezone.com if you want to get lost in an ocean of info about all this.

For me personally I am just going into a detox stage after really being awful to my poor body, some am going down the colon cleanse, heavy metal detox, fasting and liver flushing path.

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Personally, I found going for colonics to be a fast and effective, albeit expensive, method of bowel cleansing. By effective, I mean that not only did I get a lot of shit out (pun intended), my skin also cleared up while I was getting them weekly. My skin stayed clear for about a month after I stopped getting them, but then the acne came back. (I know why now.)

Colonix was decent in that after about a month on it, I did get out the ropey black stuff referred to as "mucoid plaque." However, it didn't clear my acne - but may have helped it a little. The problem with Colonix is the senna in the tea. You can become dependent on it, which I did somewhat, and it took almost a month of management (daily flax seed tea & triphala) to get back to regular bowel movements.

Speaking of flax seed tea and triphala, both of these are a great, gentle way to promote regularity, without creating dependency. Both are very good remedies for constipation, in my experience, and pretty cheap - especially flax.

I never had much success with P & B shakes, but maybe I didn't give them enough time.

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