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Aghaigh Dearg

aghaigh deargs log

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Im just 22 and have had moderate acne for about two years. Had gorgous skin as a teenager so it sucks to suffering from this supposed 'teenage thing' now.

Im from Ireland and for those of you that dont speak Irish(the vast majority of you! :D )my name aghaigh dearg means red face. not the most creative name maybe but sure it sounds unusual at least.

My first breakout coincided with my beginning to drink coffee and use MAC foundation, two habits I have since kicked, although it took a lot longer to get off the coffee.

I stopped using the MAC foundation and have switched to a Clinique foundation after their anti blemish solutions kept me at bay for a while. I held off going to a doctor because I didnt want to think my skin was in fact that bad. I for ages didnt want to be labelled as having 'acne', god knows why. But three weeks ago I finally caved, being sick of my spotty face and went to my GP who prescribed me isotrexin gel, the active ingredients being isotretinion 0.05% and erythomyin 2%.

And so three weeks into my new regimen I have noticed a great improvment so far. I have had one mocha since starting on the isotrexin gel, that has been the extent of my coffee intake! I did have the dreaded IB but it wasnt too horrific andI havent experienced any irritation to the gel or anything

My bad areas are now just to the right of my chin and in between my eyebrows. But I have had only two new spots in the last week, both of which appeared today! But I was expecting some today since yesterday I had a big yummy cheeseburger and chips for dinner. I had been at the Ireland vs. South Africa rugby game (we beat them 32-15!!!!) and was starving, a dirty big burger was too tempting to pass up! So I cant moan about those really. I normally eat quite healthily although the only thing I have known to break me out is coffee.

But so far so good on the aul isotrexin anyways....

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hmmm, a week later and i think maybe I was a little ahead of myself thinking the aul IB was over. Theres about four hideous looking yokes on the left side of chin, two of those being the ones that apppeared last week. Also theres a couple appeared in between my eyebrows, pretty yuck really. so confidence not at the best at the mo.

I play in a concert band and I had practise this morning and I tend not to wear make up to practise as I play the flute and makeup gives me a big black mark on my chin from playing. So I dotted on the concealer and off I went. I kinda forgot about my skin while playing but I did notice several other girls there have pretty bad skin too, all around the 22 age mark and in a wierd way it made me feel better. Nice to be reminded that Im not alone in this.

Today the skin is pretty bad but I was out friday night and there was serious alcohol consumed so I dont think that helped. I dont normally drink much, just a few beers, Im the biggest lightweight going but when shots are bought for you and shoved into your hand its hard to know what to do. But my god did I pay for it Saturday, hangovers are another reason I dont drink much. theyre just horrible!!

Also exams are coming up so stress is a bit of a factor at the moment. All in all not a good reciep for clear skin!!

I will try to do better this week. Seeign the doc again tomorrow so hopefully she will have words of encouragement!!

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Hei, im going to follow your log as im too using Isotrexin. This is my second time, the first time it cleared me well and went for months without a spot. But they came back and ive restarted using it about a week ago, in my desperate need for clear skin.

I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. How many times a day do you put it on?

Be nice and... ill keep my fingers crossed for you :pray:


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sorry I didnt reply, havent checked this in days! well its going ok but apparently Im not clearing up fast enough for my doc Ive been put on tablets to use with the isotrexin?? I dunno, thought it might take a while longer to see a huge improvment, CookieKiss how long did it take for you last time?

I only put it on once a day because it flakes, so I cant wear make up and I wont leave the house without make up. Also noticing Im needing plenty of moisturiser so I guess its starting to dry me out, which is the aim of the game really isnt it?

Havent had any horrific out bursts this week yaay!! just a bit red really, all those lovely whiteheads have calmed down thank god, I just feel so ugly with a whitehead!

I dont know what the tablets are, havent gotten them yet, think theyre antibiotics of some kind

well many fingers crossed for us all!

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ooh 3rd of december Christmas is coming!!!!! :dance:

sorry, had to ge that out of my system - i love Christmas more than is healthy!!

anyways...to acne. Well interesting week. Still havent gotten my tablets because well I dont want them really.

But i did go on the prowl for a new moisturiser and came home with a miosturiser and cleanser from Neutrogena, spent ages in Boots looking at all the ingredients. Actually at one point I was sitting on the floor of the shop like some kind of bum.

But these magic new products did little but break me out, so i switched back to my Clinique post haste. The reason for my moisturiser mission was that the Clinique one I use is ridiculously expensive but I am now prescribing to the 'if it aint broke dont fix it' school of thought. Luckily I hadnt been using the neutrogena stuff long enough for the skin to go totally breakout crazy buuuuutttt.....

the advantage of this experiment meant that I could test how quickly the isotrexin would clear me up and the result is pretty damn quick!! in fact over night my new spots died down to just a red mark!!! :dance:

as of right now I just have red marks so this is the reason for my lack of enthusiasim regarding the tablets. the isotrexin seems to be doing its job so Im reluctant to try anything that will break me out, even if its just an IB.

also i cheated horribly this week and had two mochas!! but it doesnt seem to have effected the skin so woohoo all round really!!

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just a random little addition to my log here I just uploaded photos of a night out after my friends graduation on monday and normally in photos my forehead is just one mass of clogged pores but not anymore wooohoo!! :dance:

didnt want to start a whole thread just about that but still felt like telling the world! so happy!!

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Im so glad for you :dance:

I dont really remember for how long ive used isotrexin the first time, it was more than a year and a half ago :wall: but i too am only using it one time a day, when going to bed.

I'm so going to use it forever if i have to cause i don't want to break out anymore :angel:

Good luck with it and keep us posted. ATM i have no active acne, just a couple of red marks, doing goood :dance:

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Hei everyone! Any feedback? :shifty:

Is it just me or does isotrexin not cause your skin to peel like retin-a? i've been using it for about 3 weeks now and no actual skin flaking at all just the product itself.........is that supposed to happen? i even use it twice a day :think:

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yea mines been peeling every day too! thats why I only use it at night because cant go out with a peely face!! the doc said to do it twice a day but Im not listening to what they say anymore coz Ive now been given another set of tablets! now I have tetracycline and minocycline and feel like screaming at the doc - "would you ever just look at my face??!!!! its bloody clear!!! "

which it still is!! :dance: and yea Cookie Kiss gonna use it forever if it keeps me clear! stupid docs not knowing anything! Im glad I dont have to pay for meds or I would have screamed at em at this stage!

glad its going good for you Cookie Kiss! :dance: how bout you clearskin4me? how long you on it? it was about five weeks before I saw a good improvment on it so keep faith!! also I think the flaky/peelyness lessens over time aswell Im not as peely as I was a the beginning!

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ok folks you know what?? exams are the most evil things EVER!! I have an exam breakout going on! ok well breakout is slight eggasgeration (sp?) I have two new whiteheads on my chin - still I was so happy being clear!!

also I have the huge feckin red scabby thing on my nose!! I look like bloody rudolph!!!! this is not good, went donw to the chemist and apparently its a bacterial infection and I need antibiotics so she advised me to go to the doctor (bloody doctor again!!) only problem with this plan is....exams!! Im not finished until Tuesday so I wont have time to go see my horrible condecending patronising doctor until then!

which wouldnt be so bad except this yoke is huge, red, on the end of my nose and make up wont cover it!! also apparently its highly contagious and will spread if I dont treat it soon. :wall::wall::wall::wall::mad::mad::mad:

and for the icing on the cake? I have a date Wednesday! bad enough seeing friends looking like this, or having to go into exams but a date?!!! seriously life sucks....

ok thanks a mil to whoever read this rant! I feel so much better for letting it all out!

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Sorry to hear about the exam stress breakout! I'm generally clear, but I get mild breakouts whenever I travel, which I believe is also stress-induced.

Sorry also to hear about the bacterial infection! Sounds like a tough week. :wall:

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aww thanks for replying to my rant Willow! funny you say travelling breaks you out, I was away for Christmas after my exam and the breakout continued! so no photos of me this Christmas!! pity I couldnt escape all the necessary socialising that being away and Christmas brings!

but am much clearer since I got home, only have one spot at mo a lil whitehead but the isotrexin is still clearing me up quite quick. So havent given up on it just yet! was despairing a wee bit over Christmas but exams/travelling/bad time of the month all at same time is alot for isotrex to tackle.

And have completely given up on the medical profession - that 'bacterial infection' the chemist told me I needed antibiotics for? cleared up with a bit of savlon in 2 days!

but the date went well and pretty clear at mo so yaay!

happy new year everyone - maybe 2007 will bring lots of clear skin for us all!!!

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the gap between my posts on this are getting longer and longer - which can only mean one thing, the skin is behaving!! :dance:

well Im not totally clear I had a tiny little whitehead on the underneath of my chin yesterday that I popped (I know, I know, bad). Actually the amount of gunge that came out of that tiny little thing shocked and disturbed me. But anyway tis just a little red mark now after putting the isotrex on it.

Have some form of spot forming on my left cheek, one of those nasty ones you can feel forming underneath the surface so piled on the isotrex and Im hoping it wont even appear. I can feel thats its gone down since the morning. My mum has taken to calling the isotrex my 'magic gel' because shes always looking at my face and deciding how the skin is. She doesnt mince her words either so its nice that shes finally being positive.

Other than that just red marks which will take their time clearing I know but a tiny bit of makeup and theyre gone, unlike the days of piling on the war paint which I hated doing but also couldnt leave the house without it. a bit of a catch 22.

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well its been a long time since I posted on this because for a while there my skin was doing so so so good. but then it all kinda fell apart. Well no thats not fair, theres been a few spots and pimples and at the moment I have two red feckers on my forehead that were hiding out under my skin for about a week but theyre finally coming to a head, speeded up by a bit od sudocrem!

I kinda gave up on the isotrexin when all I had was redmarks because I didnt think it would do much for red marks and it was all going well until I ran out of my Clinique moisturiser, well I always buy it duty free coz its cheaper and thats the only way I can afford it but unfortunately amnt travelling at moment so now Im using a Simple one which is ok but Im breaking out a wee bit.

Thinking I'll go try the isotrexin gel tonight, dont want an IB though grrness what to do.... been using sudocrem which is great stuff but I wish I could have my old moisturiser back :(

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