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Regimen that worked for me!!!

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I've had acne for the past 5 years, I'm 19 now and in this past year it has been at its worst. I can say that I had a severe case of acne. I have tried tetracycline, differin, proactive, dan's regimen, the acne cure, etc. Basically anything I read about, I tried, but everytime I would get results that I was not happy with. Until I came across a post on Clean and Clear products by Botchla. If you read this, I am greatful for your post for what cleared you up. The only thing was...it wasn't really working for me until I added the Neutrogena On the Spot treament at night. After I started doing this, by the end of week 1, almost all my acne had reduced a considerable amount and by week 2 just little spots on my face. So here is what I did to clear up my face...although I still have scars, but that I will deal with later.


C&C blackhead clearing scrub

C&C continuous control

C&C Shine Control lotion


C&C blackhead clearing scrub

C&C continuous control

Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treament

This worked like a charm for me. Honestly I don't know if it will work for other people, since everyone's skin is different, but after years of trying different products, I found one that finally worked.

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awesome it's great you found something that works for you!

My theory is and I strongly believe is if you continue trying to get clear from acne you will eventually find something that works for you for some of us the "do-nothing method", Roaccutane, Antibiotics, Regimen, B5 etc every person I know that had determination on getting rid of their Acne ALWAYS finds at least one method that works for them. For me and like alot of other people it is the Regimem!biggrin.gif/

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