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CSR Success

Hi there!

Just thought I’d share my CSR success. I’m 28 and have had moderate acne (mostly whiteheads with some cysts) since the age of 17. I was prescribed Roaccutane at 19 which cleared up my face completely, although the acne on my chest remained. My face had been clear up until about a year ago when I got a big cyst on my chin, and all of a sudden I started to break out every couple of weeks. I'd mainly get a few whiteheads but I could guarantee I’d have a cyst at least once a month.

Anyway after a few months of the emotional ups and downs of that acne rollercoaster I came across this site. I ordered the stuff and started the CSR on 17th July. I had a couple of whiteheads at the time but they cleared within a few days and my face has been 100% clear since, and the scars have more or less faded. I still have pretty bad acne on my chest which gets me down from time to time, but I’m just grateful I don’t have any on my face.

I can’t really express my gratitude to Dan for developing this site. Not just because of the regimen but because of the support that the site, and the regular users like Brandy, offer to acne sufferers. Hopefully everyone who has to bear this affliction realises that they are not alone. I’ll certainly be sticking around to offer help if I can.

Thank you all, I wish you every success in the war on acne.

Keep on keeping on.

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That's fabulous! Thanks for posting your success story!

And thank you for the kind words too!

p.s. the Regimen can be used on the chest too! You just have to be super careful because it can bleach shirts.

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