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Greasy Skin

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its getting me down, 20 mins after washing my face begins to get oily again :(

i go to collage and im around every1 for like 6 hours and its embarresing.

iv tried all of the toners availiable, blotting sheets, BP (drying effect), cleansers, moisturisers (hydrate the skin so no excess oil is produced, but didnt work)

and im stuck with a really bad shiny face :S

i dont know what to do as my doctor and pharmacist both dont know either :S and B5 doesnt work either

so im just relying on some1 here to shed a little light on the issue before i have to go back tomorrow to collage :s

thanx in advance

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first, is that how you spell college in the uk.. collage? anyways,

try buying anti-shine products like the clinique t-zone oil control (some say it makes them break out though) or smashbox anti-shine or anti-shine compact (although this might be too girly). you're gonna have to look in to products targeted at women because there are products women use to control their oily skin before putting on makeup and this helps the oily skin.

since you're in the uk, i'm not sure if you have any of the ones listed above but my advice is to ask a girl with oily skin and see what she uses before she puts of makeup. if not, just use the blotting sheets every 2 hours or so.. say you're going to the bathroom. good luck.

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My skin is super oily so I rely on blotting and pressed powder. However, I have noticed since incorporating Jojoba oil that my own skin oil seems less. I'm not as shiny during the day as usual.

The only thing known to shut down those oil glands is Accutane.

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lol yeah in the UK we spell collage like that lol.

its like we spell moisturiser with an "s" instead of a "z" aswell.

im seeing a derm on the 28th of this month, but im just worried about what people thing at collage :S

i have alook at more products or maybe see a chinese herb specialist for teh time being.

thanx alot :)

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