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Regimen is somwhat not working or what?

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Hey guys i've been on the regimen for over a year now and from some experience i see that it works great in the summer but in the winter i get more acne.. and latelly My skin is VERY SENSITIVE to BP i am RED after each use. i haven`t changed anything in my routine, also i`m getting more pimples. should i stop for some time and let my SKIN breathe? i am scared i`ll get my ACNE BACK like it used to be before i started REGIMEN.. and i don`t want it back.. i`m 23 and SO PISSED that i still have acne.. almost nobody else in my age i know has acne.. actually NOBODY! except some girls. ALSO how come my PARENTS didn`t have acne and i do?my sister has the same problem she is 26 now and has more acne then me, probably because she isn`t on the REGIMEN... i need SOME ACNE CURE!!!

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ive been on the regimen about 5 months and my skin is probably about 20% better than it was.... but its still crap. i agree the sun does help a bit.

i have given up. there is NO acne cure.

i have tried glycholic acid, n-lite laser, t-tree, anti-biotics, nothing but soap, and now bp. my diet is good i drink water and eat fruit.

the fact is nothing will work! i just have to wait till im in my mid 20s (im 21 now) and hopefully it will go away. then ill get psychotherapy to rebuild my confidence and help me deal with emotional problems then start my life.

dont waste time and money trying because there is NO cure! just relax, try get some qualifications and a job.... and then when your acne goes you can start your life.


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