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will acne ever stop coming back?

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hi! im a 19yo student suffering from moderate acne and sry if my eng is bad.

ive been following dan's CSR for 2 weeks now and i must say the regimen really works. but one thing i would like to know is that will acne ever stop coming back once and for all? im basically tired of repeating the routine twice a day (morning and night) as it consumes alot of my time. my whole face is acne prone so every morning and night i will need to cleanse, moisturize and apply BP all over the face. im happy with the results but every 3-4 days my face will get so dry up that the dark dead skin flakes all over my face and ill have to use a non-comedogenic moisturizing scrub and slowly exfoliate them off and it takes alot of time to do so. and if i over moisturize my face, acne tends to come back so fast its not funny.

i can bear with the redness, itch and burn caused by the BP but im just fed up with new zits poppin out at random spots on my face.

basically its like when i BP it clears out but overdry the skin, and when i moisturize and exfoliate the skin acne comes back 1-2days after that

what should i do?

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For some people it will clear up and never come back, other people it will clear up and sometimes come back sporadically.. and for others it will always be there. There really isn't any way to tell.

The best thing to do is just to continue what you're doing.

If there was a cure I think anyone on this site would sell their soul for it. Also, some peoples skin can get dependant on the regimen and their skin will be fine unless they stop it.

So you have to be careful with that.. if you have any other questions just ask, I'll try to gelp.

Also, your english is great!

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thanks for ur concern and input!

i didnt know that some peoples skin could get dependant on the regimen. it kinda worries me now that i could one of them. to be honest, i dont really mind spending time on doing the CSR for the sake of beauty, but im just afraid that i would need to stay on this regimen for the rest of my life? :(

yeah, i do realise that theres no permanent cure for acne. however, i read somewhere from the internet stating that consuming vitamin b5 can help reduce sebum oil production? i think this site recommends it too. i was wondering if i should give that a try?

p/s : thanks for ur complement! it means alot to me. your avatar is pretty funny too haha. :)

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I do think people can get dependent on BP or the regimen (like mine is) but it can be broken. It simply requires a little time of slowing coming off it. I know I've kept on reducing the amount of BP I put on my face. Not too long ago, I tried a once a day type deal. My skin wasn't ready for once a day but still tried. The basic idea is use the regimen to get your skin fully cleared and then depending on your age or your families history on acne, try to slowly come off. Also there are other methods of treating acne out there so try some others if you don't want to try this one. For the vitamen B5, I suppose it could work but they make you take so many pills it looks kind of dangerous to me. Basically it is up to you if you want to try it but I am not too sure of how many people had success with it. You could also make have a skin regimen and take a LITTLE B5 to compliment you regimen.

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