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What is Accutane

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Im sick of putting on creams and stuff and taking a pill sounds alot easier to me. Can someone tell me what accutane does and how long it takes to work. also, is it sold in the UK.

Thanks.....im thinking of asking the doctor tomorrow

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it is a pill used to treat acne. it's usually only prescribed after other treatment's fail because it can cause bad side effects like birth defects if a woman gets pregnant while taking it. as well as depression and other side effects. most people taking it just get dry skin and lips though. it is sold in europe under the name roaccutane.

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very basic: accutane is from vitamin A and basically slows/stops your sebum and oil production which causes acne.

It takes anywhere from 2-6 months to see results and usually your acne will get worse before it gets better. After this, your acne can go into remission for month or even years.

Accutane is a serious drug and should only be taken for people with moderate cystic acne to severe and/or very oily.

Yes, it is available in the UK. Talk to your doctor, they might send you to a dermatologist to have them decide if accutane is right for you.

Also, you shouldn't drink alcohol at all while on accutane.

here's a helpful link on the basics of accutane: WEB LINK

hope this helps!


above post makes it sound like depression is a common side effect, it's NOT.

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dont take accutane just because poppin a pill sounds easier than using creams. Accutane definately isn't something to be taken lightly.

Accutane is a very safe and effective medication. there's no reason not to take it with proper medical supervision. It should be used more often than it is, in my opinion. It can result in a permanent or very long term remission or "cure". Topicals (creams) and antibiotics can't do that. They are generally "forever".

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