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Guest max_powers585

has ne one ever done this

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Guest max_powers585

i was remebering when i was in high school and even college...has ne one ever been like 5 minutes late to a class or even less and instead of just going in the class you instead dont get in because since ur late you know the minute you open the classroom door everyone will look and stare lke you were a freak, and the few times i did go in late i would just try and hurry to my seat.... and i would feel like people were whispering about me when probably they were not but it was just a crappy feeling.remember my senior year in hs i had like 30 abscense to 1st period most of them because the damn acne fucken bitch!

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Being chronically late is one of my biggest problems even though my skin's clear now.

In high school I was frequently fifteen-minutes to forty-five minutes late to band, which started at 7:00 AM. I would spend the morning in the bathroom slathering makeup over my acne. My band director almost never took attendance and I could play my parts, so it wasn't a problem for me then. After I got my driver's license my senior year I ditched my first few classes (sometimes my first three classes) at least once or twice a week. I would get my grandma to call me in sick, so even though the attendance office didn't buy it, I never got in trouble, though I probably would have if I hadn't been able to maintain my A's.

At first I blamed my chronic lateness on my skin because I am a perfectionist when it comes to my makeup and literally could not bring myself to walk out the door if I didn't feel my acne was as covered as it could be. The behavior continued through college, and it wasn't uncommon for me to be fifteen minutes late to class on a regular basis. If I knew the teacher had an issue with lateness (which they all do, but some punish or publically embarrass tardy students) I would skip class entirely if I was more than five minutes late. Otherwise, I lowered my head down and silently slipped into my seat as quickly as possible. If people were staring at me, it wasn't because of my skin, it was because of my "problem."

I also started to feel really badly about my chronic lateness when I went to college. I even wrote apology notes to some of my teachers for my disrespectful behavior and assured them that I was seeking professional help (which I was, except I never made any of my appointments because, surprise surprise, I was too late, so I eventually gave up).

I thought clearing up my skin would solve my problem because then I wouldn't need to wear so much makeup, but it didn't. I'm still late, even when I give myself lots of extra time.

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Yep I'm like that although at highschool i wasn't, I don't think I ever legged a class but that's got more to do with the fact I was sent away to boarding school and if I missed any classes it when straight back to the head of the boarding house and it would have been more trouble then it was worth but now i'm at uni, if i turn up and my lectures have already started there is no way i'm walking in.

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I used to do that.. if I was late or had a doctors appointment or something and so missed the first bit of a lesson I'd just sit in the library or in the toilets until the bell went for next lesson. Bit of an extreme thing to do just to avoid being stared at for a couple of seconds I guess, but I'd get all panicky about it and couldn't stand the thought of drawing any extra attention to myself. I was an emotional wreck.. still am really.

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