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little past the halfway mark

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alright just a question I have while 13 weeks into my treatment..

My breakouts are mostly gone (I get 1 or 2 mild ones a month now..meaning a couple little spots and maybe a new cyst) however, everyblackhead is still there. They look alot more noticeable too. Does this mean they are being pushed out??? I have no idea as they are very hard to get rid of.

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I was wondering about this too - I have a crapload of blackheads on my nose now. Not sure what to do about them - never really used to get blackheads before.

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Yeh, i had a bunch of blackheads surface which i didn't even know were there. They look pretty bad as they reach the surface, but then they usually just fall out on their own. Don't mess with them or you could inflame the pores and make it harder for them to exit.

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OK thank you! I thought something was up, because I nkew i had blackheads but they didnt start appearing like they have until about a month or so ago. And I found out the hard way not to mess with them, ive got a nice cyst from trying to rid myself of one a few weeks ago. Or was it an accident. Because I only get cysts from irritated blackheads it seems.

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