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BP bleaching clothes, pillow, towel and everything else!!

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Yeah i also ruined my entire wardrobe, pillows, and face towels...even the godamn curtains.

But there was nothing i could do, its all stopped now as i've stopped the regime

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BP ruined brand new shirts, towels, pillow cases and the collar of an expensive winter jacket. I bought all white towels and bed sheets when I was using BP. The only BP that I use today is in the form of a wash. Because the BP is rinsed away and does not physically sit on your skin, you should not have any problems with bleaching. Just be careful so that you don't splash some onto a bathroom rug while washing your face. Needless to say, because of BP I am not a big fan of Dan's Regimen...

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Yeah been there... done that... ruined the t-shirt... *ba-dum cha!* 8-[


Anyway, it can be largley avoided, so long as you wash your hand thoroughly after application nothing you touch will get BP on - that sorts the immidiate problem of touching t-shirts, curtains etc.

Taking care not to touch your face then touch clothing also, as residue from the BP 'll get on your fingers and well, you know what happens.

Using a white towel to dry your face and hands with is a must IMO, white pillow cases also a good idea, other than that you *should* be mostly ok and even if BP does get on these items, there white anyway.

It's a shame some of you are put off the regimen by the bleaching sad.gif

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I don't have much of a problem with getting BP on anything, but the BP gel Dan is making will be clear. No stains.  smile.gif 

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